Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I. Miss. My. Horse.

SOOOO FRIGGEN MUCH. I haven't seen him since Sunday and won't until tomorrow. It sucks. Snow sucks, meetings suck. I want spring time. I want longer days.  I want to RIIIIIDE (and bathe, and clip).

The good news is the Granite's  nose didn't continue to bleed and when I saw him Sunday he was doing rather well. He did have a goofy spot on his hoof (heel bulb) that looked like an abscess had popped, but we never had lameness issues. So, I think it may just be from the cold/damn soil and him being barefoot.

I checked out that barn on Saturday. It wasn't really a barn. More like the skeleton of where a barn once stood. She showed me where the stalls would be. Where the ring was going. How she was going to convert the dairy barn to a washdown....etc. She was really nice and the property was amazing and super convenient-- but she had only been there a month and she appeared to be a bit transient (mentioning 2 moves to me in our conversation). I think if I find nothing else acceptable in the next month or two, I would check back to see her progress and them mark her off the list for good OR give it a try (the location is PERFECT). I do plan to call this afternoon to set up an appointment (hopefully for saturday) to look at another place. Pasture board is cheap and they claim to have an indoor arena and a lesson program. I like a laid back barn, so I immediately think this place may have too many children/hands on instructors BUT its worth giving it a shot since I think its in a good location and the price is right. Low expectations, but I will give it a shot.

This week should be BUCKETS of fun. I'm off to my pre-employment physical today then back to work for a night meeting. Friday, I have to go to the DMV to renew my license and then to the girlie doctor. Two things worse than most any fate! At least I get to look forward to a dinner with Jen, D and the three significant others of Friday night!

Ya'll stay warm out there!



  1. I totally sympathize with not seeing the critter... I haven't been to my barn since Saturday!! Work has kept me tied to the desk from 7 am to 5 pm this week, and it's getting old fast. Fortunately it sounds like Granite has a great barn too with people taking great care of our precious four-leggeds. Hope you can find a great place closer to the new job and apartment :)

  2. Ugh, I miss Laz the minute I pull out of the barn's driveway. But Granite is OK, don't beat yourself up. He sounds like he tolerates pain quite well, a good jock :)

  3. Aw, sucks that you have to go so long between visits :(

  4. ugh, I havent seen mine since TWO weeks ago missy!!!!!! I feel your pain! GET ME HOME!!!

  5. The last time I saw my boy Blake was October 4th of last year. I'm in the Army and got sent to Korea for a year. The next time I'll get to see him is when I go home in April for two weeks. After that it's back over here till late September. I have to say the thing that I miss the most about him is when I'm having a day like today. All I have to do is walk into his stall and be greeted by a whinny or a fart, depending on how he's feeling about his day, and all is once again good in the world. My wife is taking great care of him while I'm gone but I JUST MISS HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!