Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"Stand By Your Man" & other things that annoy me about Christians...

So a conversation with a coworker this morning led to me being really really annoyed. It all started when my coworker was talking about the topic of Oprah's show tomorrow. It is about a evangelist that got caught in a gay sex scandal. I was thinking 'ok, not THAT interesting, preachers do hypocritical stuff all the time, I don't care if the man decided to turn gay...' Then she informed me that Ted Haggard's wife decided to stay with him! I said something to the effect of her being a completely brainwashed dumb ass. Another (shall we say rather blatantly Conservative) coworker heard my comment and stopped in her tracks. She obviously didn't mind that the conversation didn't involve her, because she was eager to share her view on the matter with me. Joy of Joys... She began lecturing me on how only a STRONG woman could get through that. There was so much pain and hurt that they had to live through in order to not sacrifice their marriage! She even brought Hillary Clinton in as an example of Strength in staying with an adulterous spouse. I am sorry folks but when I hear about both of these women, strong is the VERY last word that comes to mind. First off I think Weak, followed by: sad, scared, pathetic, trapped, insecure, and uh did I mention terribly WEAK? I think the greatest strength lies in a woman who has the power to sacrifice all material things in order to keep her own dignity and self respect. I have absolutely no admiration for women who chose to stand by their man when he obviously and admittedly did wrong! I only have pity and disgust for these women. The worst part about this whole conversation is that I was made to feel like I was being lectured and that I was idiotic to disagree. The fact that christian men, as far back as biblical times have methodically planned to keep women down through fear of retaliation by religion. Religion really was designed to keep down the masses, those who are too scared or know no better than to question what is continuously being pushed down their throats. Oh I am so grateful for a mind of my own and a sense of self. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to those who instilled that in me instead of handing me an ancient book and telling me to take everything a man (merely a man!) tells me from the pulpit...

Friday, January 23, 2009

Good Article on a Good Topic

After my recent lesson with Karma, I was given some homework. I was told to begin teaching her to round and to work the topline muscles so that she will have the ability to bend and round with greater ease. In order to do this, I was told to enlist the aid of draw reins and of a martingale. I grew up using draw reins to help horses in setting their head. Now that I am using them for a slightly different purpose and now that I am old enough to question practices that I used to take as commonly accepted. I have done some research to help me in my 'homework'. I plan on introducing Karma to the draw reins this weekend. I am also on the market for a pair of side reins for lounge practice (when I don't have time to actually get a ride in) and a martingale for when she gets the idea and the muscles to carry herself. I found this article in my searches and I wanted to share it with you. I think its a good read. I will let you know how it goes when we ride on Saturday...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What is in Rice Pudding Anyway? 5 things lovers say that annoy me, and Chronicals of a freezing morning:

I got this 70 calorie creme brule rice pudding made by Jell-o. I like the taste, but what a weird texture. Why do they feel the need to put rice in it? Can't they make the same taste without the rice? I can't decide if its delicious or gross... Whoever invented it must have been really bored in order to say... "hummm wonder what would happen if I made a delicious dessert out of a starchy side dish...?" Rice Pudding: One of the great wonders of the my world.

One to things of more substance. I guess a rant today since we all know how grumpy I am feeling due to swollen glands and a persistent case of tonsillitis.

Five Things that people in "Love" tend to say to that pisses me off and WHY...

5. " He/She would break up with me if________"
-Excellent, let them. Unless you are doing something dishonest or disrespectful, let them leave you. If someone is giving you an ultimatum, chances are you should let them go and choose the other option.

4. "Forever"
-Ok, I'm not THAT cynical. I believe in ever lasting love. I mean, I still love my very first boyfriend, but that doesn't mean that we are suited to be together. People grow and people change as they evolve as individuals. The feelings of love may truly last forever but there are no guarantees that a relationship will. In the not so famous words of some hip hop group whose name currently escapes me "People say that nothing last forever, then what makes love the exception?"

3. " I can't sleep without you by my side"
- sleep is a natural cyclical pattern designed to rejuvenate your body and mind. If one can't sleep (one of the body's most natural reflexes) simply because of the absence of your 'love' you may have a problem. If you are experiencing this, it may be time to reevaluate your codependency and begin to be enough of a whole person on your own that you can have a natural sleep pattern independently. Next thing we know the absence of love may prevent normal bowel movements...sheesh!

2. "I am lost without you"
- Why? I am sure they sell maps for this purpose! Please find yourself. Why would an individual be lost without one other person. Shouldn't one have goals and dreams of one's own? Simply follow them without regard to where your soul mate may be. I understand the desire to build a life together, but a certain amount of building one's own life must take place before melding with that of another's. This is like connecting two walls on crumbling foundations with a sturdy roof--not possible.

1. "You complete me"
- I believe that most of us (at least the lucky ones) were born complete. We are given everything nature intended us to have at birth and in order to be completed one must follow one's dreams and do things that fulfill them personally. No one should ever be incomplete without another person. This diminishes your self worth and makes you less of a person. Never let yourself belong that much to another.

I know, if you know me, you are thinking that this is a completely hypocritical rant. Well it was! I used consider myself unworthy as an individual and I used my relationships to define myself and sometimes even my existence and my future goals. Thankfully, through a year and a half of hard work, tears, questions, and serious self discovery I have come out on the other side grateful for the experience. I now am COMPLETE as an individual, I sleep alone just fine, I am not lost but completely directed by my internal GPS, I won't let anyone make me choose them over a passion, and I hope to find a love that endures forever even if the relationship may not!

Now on to a brief account of this morning, just because it made me laugh. I pulled Granite out of his pasture to eat at around 7:45 this morning. I then went to break ice in water buckets and get a bale of hay for the pasture which I lovingly call the 'preschoolers' or the 2 horses who are not under saddle- granite and kira. Kira bit me (whats new? There is a reason I call her nibblet). Then granite sneezed all over my heavy coat which I had planned to wear to work. I was left with a sweater that was in my car and a decision to purchase a new coat tonight after yoga class and to retire said sneezed on coat to barn duty only.

Hope you didn't mind my schizophrenic blog today... Maybe a more coherent one tomorrow? maybe not...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

But I don't wanna ride the pony!!!

Class starts tonight! I have been out of school for over a month now and do not feel like getting back up on the horse. I guess my only solace is that in one year from now, I will be done with school and will hopefully have more time for my horses. I wish I could find a job where Daphne could come to the office. Unfortunately, government is normally not that open minded. I am sure there would be too many complains of allergies and the like... blah.

Last night Jimenez and I finally got the rafters installed in the barn and were able to get a tarp up over them at around 11:30pm as the snow was coming down. What a great weekend to bring home the baby, the first snow of the season and the coldest weekend since 2005! Poor Granite. At least it will all be easy from here. Jimenez has been working so hard, and I am about to die. I think all the long hours and weather and stress is getting to me. My throat is swollen and painful and I am sure my Strep Type B is flaring up again. joy of joys...

Sorry for being Negative Nancy today. Maybe I will have some funny quips or anecdotes to share tomorrow. Wish me luck in Organizational Behavior tonight.... ugh!

Monday, January 19, 2009

What a Weekend!

First of all, my apologies for my absence. My house misses me too, so don't think you are in this alone. I have only been home for maybe about 6 hours since Friday. Jimenez and I started working on the shelter Friday night, but we ended up spending the majority of our time trying to get H2O of the unfrozen sort into water buckets. We then had to cut plexiglass to put in the slats of our trailer so baby Granite wouldn't freeze before we got him home. I did thoroughly enjoy our trip to the Home Depot however. I learned more about plywood then I ever thought I would. I am not well versed in plywood and how it is made, as well as slightly aware of siding and Barn paint. Bestest and I tried our best to lobby for the shelter to be pained blue with pink trim, but I have a sneaking suspicion that we may be overruled :( Everyone has a dag-on red barn, I think we should be original, but hey thats just me thinking! Bestest and I went home fairly late Friday night and crashed (or at least tried, I know that neither of us got much sleep).

Good Morning Darkness... Saturday morning 5:45am Bestest and I stumble and bumble our ways out to the car. We arrive (to my surprise) to see that D will be joining us on our journey to go get Granite. We ate delicious breakfasts then headed to Zebulon to pick up the Prince. Granite was waiting for us when we arrived and I began showing him his new blanket. Within no time he was wearing his blanket. He was afraid that the blanket may chase him if he walked, so the poor boy stood still in the middle of his stall. We took him out and made him get accustomed to his new outerwear in the round pin. It wasn't long before we decided to try to load him up in the trailer. Granite hopped right onto the trailer with very little coaxing. Since it went so well, we of course decided this was an opportune training moment, so we backed him out and decided to try loading up again. Granite did not like this option however, and made poor Jimenez work with him for another 30min before he finally gave in and jumped on the trailer. Lesson to be learned here is to go with it when a baby loads on the first try unless you actually have John Lyons present at the moment... We got home and let baby adjust for a while before introducing him to the pasture. To make a long (and cold) story short, baby adjusted so well and was happily playing with his new pasture mate and checking out the barn building process by the evening. Bestest and Chase and Jimenez and I spend the rest of the night putting the walls up on the shelter. Tired and cold and still amazed that the big grey baby in the pasture was actually mine, I fell asleep immediately with my head still in Chase's lap.

SUNDAY (and I didn't even get to watch the playoffs :( GO STEEEEELERS tho)
Sunday morning I got up and fed baby, who did wonderful on his first night, Bestest and I then loaded up our cars and headed back to my apartment. We both got showers then she left to go back home :( I headed back out to the farm. I spent the rest of the morning picking the pasture before grooming Karma and preparing her for our first lesson at ToriHope Farm. Once D and I found the place I started tacking up Karma. Karma was all jazzed up. It took us about 20 minutes of warm up and 20 of the lesson for her to finally relax. We worked on bending and softening Karma and we did some small crossrails. Karma did very well and I really enjoyed my new trainer. I have homework to work on bending and use drawreins as well as practice over jumps (which should be easy considering that I don't have a riding ring...) I am now stressed about preparing Karma for our next lesson while continuing to finish the barn in the evenings and starting class this week while working 16hours in the political science office in addition to the hours I have to be at my Part Time job.... Now you may begin to understand the title of my blog and how my life fits together like an intricate puzzle.

All in all, I have to say that this weekend went very smoothly. Granite was a Champion in dealing with the events of the weekend. Bestest and Chase were the biggest helps in barn building. Jimenez is my lifesaver and none of this would be possible without D. I am ready to watch my baby grow and help Karma evolve while I continue to workout and try to be a better equestrian...


Friday, January 16, 2009

Hello Vodka, Its Me Rachel & Thoughts on Tomorrow

Hello sportsfans, and sorry for the delayed post. Life is busy for an expectant mother. I feel like I have been pregnant for 4 months and I'm about to go into labor! Perhaps after tonight's farm work I can legitimately call it labor. We have not much progress on the shelter and its freeeeezing balls outside :( So we are going to have to work hard tomorrow.

I stayed home from work yesterday because I was feeling icky. I then decided (in the evening hours of course) that vodka might help me feel just a touch better. Its funny how you manage to drink much more when others are pouring your drinks. Jimeneze and C.G. were refreshing my beverage throughout the night and I accidently drank 1/2 of my 5th of Absolut. ops. Surprisingly I feel fine today although I think I probably smell like hint-o-alcohol... I'm chewing lots of gum to be on the safe side!

So tomorrow is the big day. Bestest is coming in tonight and we are leaving the farm at 7 to head out to Zebulon to get the baby. It isn't quite a reality for me yet. I think I will spend the ride back in disbelief that the big grey beauty in the trailer belongs to me. I am the luckiest girl in the world to have D and Jimenez to make this dream a reality and that I have Mom and Dad and Bestest supporting me despite the insanity of buying a second horse during Graduate school. I love you guys more than anything. Thank You!

Final note. I just bought a renter's insurance policy today. I purchased it just because it will cover medical expenses if Daphne were to get away from me and actually eat someones face off! The man on the phone informed me that I would promptly be dropped, but oh-well at least it would cover it happening once. Crazy mutt!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Rich to Broke in 5 hours Flat or My Online Shopping Escapades

So, as you know I got my loan money and scholarship today. Well... its funny how many things are suddenly CRITICAL to purchase when your checking account isn't empty. Today I bought books for school. Then I browsed my "To Buy" list that I always keep handy in my planner just in case I forget what I need to purchase when I suddenly win the lottery. I decided that of critical importance were: Woof Wear Brushing Boots (black with pink overlay of course), a Blue brush box so Granite won't share his white hair with everyone at the farm, A economy dressage whip for groundwork practice, and a cheap-o elastic fleece lined girth for Karma since her girth liner is falling apart and her girth is slightly too large (not to mention it belongs to D). Ok, so I feel better at this point. I am thinking 'OK, I'm not a shitty mom, I am finally providing for my long suffering critters.' This ease does not stay with me long. I eat my lunch and then get settled into my desk at my second job when the familiar feeling of a full debit card burning through my wallet approaches. This is only aided by the phone call I receive from the lovely SmartPak Supplement Specialist (really you should ask them if you ever have questions about what to be feeding your horses, she was beyond helpful). After being fully armed with knowledge about just the right supplements for baby Granite... and Karma, who has been doing just fine for the eight years previous to the one in which I owned her. So I furiously log on to find the supplements I need to keep my babies in tip-top shape. For Granite I purchase a bucket of SmartHoof which contains Biotin Omega3 and other things which I can't remember but am certain are imperative to his survival ;) I also get him "SmartVite Maintenance Grass" this is a multivitamin for horses in low work (or none in his case) which get less fortified grain than recommended (the SmartPak rep assured me that you have to feed A LOT of grain to be giving the manufacturer recommended quantity in order to reap the nutritional benifit of the grain). I also got a large bucket of Strongid C 2x for my horsies to share (D will be pleased to hear this, as my 2 won't be using all of hers). Finally I got Karma some of the aforementioned SmartVite EZ Keeper Grass. The more I read about the product the more certain I became that it couldn't hurt for her to have a multivitamin that wouldn't put weight on her. She really doesn't get any grain and I am sure the vitamin will only do good in this case. So $130.00 later... I can go to yoga class feeling Zen about my horses nutrition. Best of all, they charge $7.95 flat rate shipping for all of those heavy containers, and the estimated arrival date is in less than a week :) I think I got a better deal then I could have at a feel mill in this case because I also purchased the discounted "Smart" line. Now my "To Buy" list is significantly shorter and I am feeling more and more confident about Granite's arrival!

I (still) Dig Dirt and Thoughts on Supplements...

Yesterday I returned to work in the Political Science department, this did not prevent me from attending my new evening gig: barn building. Jimenez and I bundled up and headed out into the frigid temps (figures that the forecast for this week includes record cold temperatures) and decided to take care of the first thing first: feeding the flock. Karma made a Bee-Line for her bucket and I had to slowly coerce the goat into going into the correct pasture to eat her supper. Of course all of the hard work to get said goat into said pasture paid off for about 20minutes. Goat managed to get back into the wrong pasture in no time flat. Next we cranked up the tractor (that thing is a god send! I never thought I would develop such an admiration if not infatuation with a tractor). Our mission for the night? Yes my friends, you guessed it: dig dirt! We buckled down and began augering (is that a verb?) the remaining holes for the last two corner posts of the shelter. This took about 8 years as we discovered, among other assorted things, a terracotta clay pipe buried inches beneath the top layer of soil. SuperJim asked me to go get a iron bar for him so he could attempt to break up the pipe. He failed to mention said bar weighed about 3million pounds and I struggled the whole way back to the soon-to-be hole in the ground. Of course he wielded that bar like it was a pipe cleaner, but my jealousy of his strength is another blog in itself. Finally the auger was able to do its job and dig the hole for the last post of our shelter. I went to put one of those 'longer' posts in the hole and soon realized that the post was um probably 12 feet long. I got the damn thing stuck in a tree as I tried to move it even inches closer to the hole. I failed miserably and despite my ego whimpered for help. Jimenez saved the day (notice the theme here?) and got the big ass post in the ground. I am still in shock that the thing stays up when being supported only by a two foot hole in the ground, but barn building is a science of which I am not a student, I simply follow directions here... You think the hard part would be over, don't you? You, like I was, would be wrong. We have more holes to dig for the posts that will hold the corners of the new fence line. The ground is harder than cement and although the mission was less eventful then the hole with the clay pipe in it, it still took forever. If Monday's tree cutting was an aerobic workout, last night was more strength training. Holding the auger in place and helping it dig, isn't easy stuff! I think that if I keep this up, my arms will be defined and sexy! Finally we called it a night and I scuttled home to drink some hot tea then pass out. I am pretty sure I was in a coma throughout the entire night as my alarm scared the daylights out of me at 6:30am!

This morning I got a welcomed announcement. My scholarship and student loan money had arrived into my checking account. WAHOOOOOO. I then took the opportunity while being bored in the office, to order my books for the semester looming oh-so-close in the future (next week). My next mission for the day is to investigate supplements for my ponies. I want the baby to get any and all vitamins and minerals he may need to grow up healthy and strong. Right now I am considering a hoof (biotin) supplement and the strongid C 2x with the possible addition of Vita Plus. In my research for the perfect baby supplement, I stumbled across a supplement for easy keepers who get little to no grass (ring bells? yes...Karma!). This Smartvite:EZ Keeper is supposed to fill in the gaps left by feeding little to no fortified grain. It is fairly inexpensive and I think it couldn't hurt Karma to have the dietary supplement. I made an appointment to speak with a SmartPak supplement specialist today between 3-5. Hopefully they will help to answer my questions about the best choices for baby Granite. I am feeling much more confident in his arrival as I feel that the pasture is getting better and better and he will soon have a little stall in which I can feed him hay and make sure he has his mineral block. This baby will be so spoiled, but you can't take chances on your dream horses, can you? I will be attending yoga class tonight, so Jimenez is on his own as far as barn building goes ;)

PS: I hear that Granite's photo will be making a cameo appearance on the Behind the Bit Blog... check it out!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Logging and Olympic Javelin Practice

In order to bring baby Granite home to a safe and happy place. We have to change our 2 pastures into three and consequently build a new shelter. Because this is my fault and I don't pay board in the first place, I volunteered/ was recruited to help in this endeavor. Last night after a delicious meal that I felt guilty about, I bundled up to help Jimenez work out in the field. Thankful we had a flood light because the sun went down about the time that he got the chain saw out. He cut down a tree (I'm not talking a sapling here, this was an actual huge tree) and my job was to move all the limbs into the brush pile. This was complicated by the,at places, ankle deep mud but I managed to move all of the limbs. Throwing the limbs really prepared me for a possible career in olympic javelin throwing if the horse riding and Masters program doesn't work out for me. Jimenez thankfully used the tractor to move the actual tree trunk. Actual logging was taking place. I nearly considered attaching Karma to the log and having her help! Next on our to-do list was to measure for the corners of the new lean-to. This was cake, except all of the squatting up and down really felt like a better workout than I would have been getting at the gym had I not had to work at the farm. Next we got to break out the heavy equipment to dig holes... in my head I am singing the tune to the 'classic' kids movie "I dig dirt, I dig dirt." Anyway, I got to stand on the auger as it chipped away at tree roots to get the holes dug for the corner posts. Then Jimenez instructs me to "put that short post in the hole." His version of short is a post that is about three feet taller than I am. But I certainly was not going to look like I was struggling, so I hauled the sucker up and managed to slam it in the newly dug hole. In the process, I also learned how to operate post diggers, which are about as complicated as chop sticks (which I have never been able to figure out). Sheesh, I am not cut out to be farm help. I just keep thinking that all of this work is to make my baby happy and healthy. On a brighter note, Our Dover package came in yesterday and Baby got his blanket and sheet and Karma got her sheet, saddle pad, and bell boots. WAHOOOOO. Hopefully we will continue to make great progress in the barn building endeavor tonight. Wish me luck :)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Dreams come true...

It is looking like the University is not ruining my plans this time! I got an email confirming that I will get my student refund today. That means that I can deliver the final payment for Granite and take him home with me! That may be one of the best days of my life. We will be leaving early (like a big family, me, D, Bestest and Jimenez, Daphne too if I have my way) to go get him so he can have plenty of daylight to get used to his new diggs. I am so sad for taking him away from the only home he has known, but I am thrilled to have him with me. I am worried about what type of leg protection her should be wearing in the trailer. I am concerned about tying him to anything as he is not used to being tied. I have concerns about the weather, about him being integrated into the heard, and about his feet not being in good shape. I can't imagine ever having a child. I feel like waiting all these long 4 months that I am actually going to go into labor on Saturday. The good news is that I have a lesson next week with someone whom I hope will be our new trainer. I will feel so much more ease when I know I have a proven professional to go to with any questions or concerns related to Granite and his care. I am so excited and still cannot believe how close I am to having the two most wonderful horses ever in my possession... There are times in life when it seems that your dreams are lost, but maybe they have just been slightly delayed. When I had to sell the first love of my life, Bonnie, I thought horses may never find their way back into my life, at least not any time soon. 5 years later, here I am finishing my Masters and buying a warmblood yearling! Yes my dreams have arrived with only a 5 year delay! How lucky am I?

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Halter- check, Lead Rope- check, Panic Attack- check

D and I got an early start on Saturday. I had printed directions from the farm to the first tack shop, the first to the second, then Raleigh back home. We had a lovely breakfast which Jimenez paid for (!) then we headed to check out our local tack shop. Thankfully we did because not only did I find the most perfect blue bubbles halter with a breakaway strap, but I also got some great advice on a local trainer. I called the trainer today and set up a lesson for next week! After that we were on our way to Raleigh. I battled car sickness the whole way, but unbelievably we did not get lost! There was an extraordinarily helpful sales person there. She fitted me for helmets until we found one seemingly made for my head. It even looked good. Unfortunately the shopping trip was about buying necessities for the baby's arrival and not outfitting myself, but I will definitely be buying that helmet shortly. The next tack store was everything I had hoped for and more. I think I had a dream about this place and then someone made it a reality. It was huge and wonderful. Unfortunately this allowed my brain to go wild about all the things I wanted and needed and couldn't afford and I began thinking what could happen it the baby if I couldn't keep him safe. Then I started freaking out. My chest was tight, I couldn't get my breath, I started to cry... I was having a panic attack. It took about 15minutes and a xanax, but I relaxed enough to find a decent lead rope (which I late found out was equipped with an unnecessary stud chain) and a mineral block. We went home and spend the rest of the night without event.

We got a late start today. Jimenez needed the truck so D and I slept in. I called to schedule a lesson before I went out to the barn. We finally got out to the park and rode for a few hours. It was nice and the horses were OK. I enjoyed the time with Karma. She really is a sweet girl and I cannot wait to see what our new trainer can bring out in her. I know she has so much more potential that I have been able to tap. I came home and did a weight loss yoga DVD that Roomie bought. It was soooo much harder than our Wednesday night yoga class. I have decided that losing 2 pounds a week is my goal and that I would like to be 20lb lighter in 9 more weeks. I am almost scared to create a goal other than 'to be more healthy' but Oprah keeps saying to have to write it down to make it happen. So there it is, in print for all to see... Lets hope my will power is strong. I will be a much better rider if I am lighter. Now I am watching UNC play Wake and hoping that the Heels can get it together soon. The Giants already let me down...

Friday, January 9, 2009

New Year Resolution: a bust already?

Ok, so I was pretty siked to see a friend who had fallen out of touch over the past 4 years. We were super close in high school and inseparable as college freshman. She still lives in town, but our lives just diverged and its a lot of effort to try to make (and keep) plans. For the New Year I vowed to be a better friend. This meant actually answering my phone, making plans, messages via FB or MySpace, etc... So I told her we had to go out. She finally got back to me and we planned dinner at Brixx then Benjamin Button. Whatdoya know, she canceled. I can't be mad however, because she went to the doctor today and legitimately doesn't feel well. She wants to plan for next week so thats fine with me. However, this begs the question: what to do tonight? A friday evening and now I have NO plans. I am hoping D and roomie will come through for me, but if not, I at least have a fun filled day of shopping in Raleigh to look forward to tomorrow. I am sure tomorrow's adventure will lead to many funny posts, b/c D and I have NO sense of direction and nothing x nothing = nothing!

It doesn't HAVE to be that big of a deal...

So last night I went to S.E.'s for dinner. He made the most lovely pork chop w/ apple raisin chutney and broccoli and garlic cheese mashed potatoes. We had some nice merlot and watched Deception (weird movie btw). I really enjoyed myself except for the nagging feeling of guilt throughout the evening. I think he wants us to be more than friends but I have become so selfish with my time. In my crazy life, free time is a commodity and if I were to burden myself with a boyfriend, I would have to spend my spare time with them instead of out with the girls, relaxing at D's house or at the gym... So even when I meet a great guy, like S.E. for example, I realize that I am not ready to settle down and although it seems appealing for the first few weeks, I always prefer my life of independence and variety... is that so wrong?

Stemming from that... my Foreign Buddy texts me last night saying that he needs me to call him... its about S.E. I am thinking "what on earth can you have to tell me that I don't already know and what business is it of yours anyway?" I call him back this morning and he tells me that S.E. really wants to get with me but doesn't know how to do it... blah...blah...blah. Why do men need to make things into such a big freaking deal? Its simple, S.E. and I are friends. I don't want anything more out of it, so we are just friends. Done deal, what more do I need to make of it? geeze!

On to brighter topics. First off... its Friday! D and I are going to plan a trip to go to tack shops tomorrow since it is going to be raining. We were originally going to go to Danville but because D is feeling adventurous, I think we may try Raleigh. I am really looking forward to it although I am poor and don't trust school to come through with loan money when they should. I guess shipping boots and a halter and lead will have to go on the credit card. I think Granite is wroth debt. I cannot believe the little man is coming home in one week! We have so much to do. Jimenez needs to finish the shelter for him, and I have to give him money before he can buy the tin to do so... Back to the school coming through on time... we shall see! I need to find a trainer whom I can start working with in order to get Granite doing groundwork exercises. I need some more supplies for him, such as the aforementioned and brushes, hay bags, lunge ropes, surcingle, cavasan and other stuff that I may need for baby and don't even know. I also need to figure out which supplements I want to put him on to help him grow to the big beautiful baby I know that he needs to be. I think I am getting more stressed than excited after reviewing everything I lack to bring home the G-man. Thank God I have so much help and encouragement, now I just need a professional on my side!

I will have more for you later.

Oh, good news that I almost forgot. The lifestyle changes I am trying to make (eating better, gym, yoga) are working! I have lost 3 pounds this week. I will be in better riding shape before the spring if it kills me!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Is it the weekend yet?

I think the downfall to yoga is that I find my 'zen place' then come home to reality and suddenly become really cranky. Matty was playing with some leggo like toys and I was trying to watch the Tarheels dominate College of Charleston, but I couldn't see the score or hear the game. Then I had to relinquish the changer to Matty who was determined to not only watch the first episode of the new season of Real World, but also DVR EVERY episode on OUR tv... Sheesh. I guess people don't have an appropriate love for live sports these days.

So I got up this morning only a 1/2 hour late to drag my sleepy and greasy looking self to the gym. This morning's workout seemed so much easier than it has been for the rest of the week. I felt like I should be working harder, but I was still working up quite the sweat, so maybe I will increase the intensity next week and just let it ride for the rest of this week. I am very proud of myself. Oprah and I are both jumping back on the wagon this week. It feels good to be sore. Ironic in that being slightly sore from working out gives you a feeling of strength. Whatever it is it feels great!

Now I am at work. I have a stack on invoices and a red pen in front of me, so that will be my next task. I have to meet S.E. for dinner tonight. I love that I have managed to befriend men who can cook, because we all know that I sure the hell can not! I have no clue what he is making but it involves broccoli because I got a text message the other day asking if I liked it. We will be watching Deception Point, which coincidentally is the name of the Dan Brown book that I am crawling through. Either way, I promised Jimenez that I would watch the new episode of Grey's tonight with him and that excites me. The strange part is that I have a whole hour today with nothing to do. As much as I don't want to, I think I will run home to the apartment and clean up my room and bathroom since it will be late by the time I get home tonight and I am busy all day tomorrow and I hate a messy room on the weekends. It inhibits any ability to relax... So off to work I go. I will let you know how the evening proceeds at a later point.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Yoga: Experience One

Ok, so Yoga rocked! Roomie and I went to Triad Yoga Institute. Shelia was our instructor and she was so kind and welcoming. She showed us what we needed for class and how to set up our mats and equipment. Class was very very relaxing and it really helped me to focus on myself. I think this will be the perfect outlet for all of my nervous energy and stress. Roomie and I are certainly going to be going every week :) My favorite was the Corpse Pose in which we laid completely still and simply breathed. The only problem is that I can't seem to get my mind to relax. I am constantly thinking, "Daphne had been in her kennel all day. I wonder if she has to poop. Poor girl." So hopefully I can master relaxing my mind as well as my body.

We got home to a lovely surprise. Matty had made dinner for us AND let the dogs out. Dinner was fab but I accidentally poured some wine to go with it... I wonder how many points weight watchers assigns to red wine? I'm not sure, but I will certainly try to work it off tomorrow. All in all Yoga was a great experience and I am looking forward to integrating into my life :)

Hello and Welcome to My Life!

Hey. I don't have long to post because its nearly five. On today's plate we had: taking roomie's puppy and Daphne out for potty and exercise, placating last night's date then work. Now I have to run home to take Daphne out for a quick walk, throw on something that may not stand out in a yoga studio then attempt to find Triad Yoga Studio where roomie and I will be giving Yoga a try for the very first time. Wish us luck: this may not go well...