Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A lovely horse is always an experience.... It is an emotional experience of the kind that is spoiled by words. ~Beryl Markham

Friday, November 20, 2009

I quit...

Yes one of my big final papers came back for its THIRD round of corrections... I must be a moron. I quit! Throw in the towel! Call a truce with my prof! ARGH. OK-- Done complaining. I havent seen Granite since monday. I will go see him tonight and then probably spend the evening writing. papers.--- Have fun to all of you who actually get to RIDE!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

More Pictures & Winding Ridge Farm

My Sweet Family!

Love my Baby Boy!

I emailed some of these pictures to the woman who sold Granite to me. I know I would want regular updates if I were her. That got me thinking that I should share her website with you. They are a really sweet little sporthorse farm. You can see Granite's mom and even some baby pictures of him on the site. You have got to check out the stallion that Granite's mom (Grace) is currently in foal to! LA Baltic Sunrise! Nice stuff-- I'll trade for THAT baby! JK.

I turned in a ton of work this week. Only 2 small papers and 2 classes left of my Graduate School Career! Its carzy. What will I do with all the time? And whats life like without stress and guilt? This is sure to be a new adventure!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Getting better... But looking BaD!

How can such a pretty boy have such a horrible looking mouth?? He must be feeling better because he finally let me touch his mouth. I didn't try his bridle or anything but he was alright with my fingers in his mouth for the first time since last Monday. You can see pretty well in the first picture that he has one cap still hanging on. He had about 4 new permanent teeth (all in one week) so I can't imagine the kind of pain he was in. Hopefully by next week he will be feeling back to his old self.


I submitted 77 pages worth of Grad Thesis type stuff today!! Sweet Victory. Just pray it doesn't come back for 8,000 rounds of corrections...

Between last minute corrections, I did have time for my photog friend to come snap a few pics with her new camera. More to come-- but this is a preview.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Tidbit for you dressage folks...

This link came to me from a friend. I think its funny although it highlights some upsetting trends in a wonderful discipline.

Check it out:

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mystery Unraveled

Well thanks for all of your advice! Today I had the barn owner and her husband try to help me bridle Granite. He was extremely resistant and we did not succeed. Then the husband pried his lips open and he see 2 teeth that are longer because they are about to fall out. The gums are a little irritated because you can see the permanent teeth cutting in behind the baby teeth that are falling out. I did some research and at 2.5 in the fall/winter they are supposed to lose their first set of incisors. We went down to look at Granite's pasture mate who is the exact same age and he is losing 2 teeth also! So crisis averted. It seems that he is in some pain but it is natural and his pasture buddy is going through it too. Poor bubba! I feel horrible that I fought with him so much to try to get his bit in his mouth. So tonight since he is having a hard time getting grass, I (paid extra) put him in a stall with hay tonight. We are in the middle of the perfect ficken storm. Hurricane Ida, a Nor'Easter off of the coast and a low pressure system hovering. It is cold and windy and rainy and schools and businesses are closing. So I am happy to have my boy warm and dry even if it may put me in the poor house. I just wanted to update you all and thank you again for the suggestions.

Anyway below is something I pulled off of one of the websites that seems to sum up the situation pretty well.... sheesh why did I determine that buying a baby horse was a good idea?? Shoulda got one already done with this crap-o-la.

"Back teeth in young horses often cause difficulties when being replaced with permanent teeth

Young horses often suffer more tooth problems than adults, especially when the temporary baby teeth are being replaced with permanent teeth. It is easy to see the horse's front teeth shedding and being replaced with larger ones but not so easy to examine the back teeth-and these are the ones that cause the most problems in the young adult horse.

The temporary back teeth usually push up through the gums sometime during the foal's first month of life. These baby teeth remain in place until they are pushed out by the permanent teeth. Between ages two and four, the horse is in the process of losing those baby teeth (often called caps), and they are normally shed in sets of four. In textbook order, the first set of caps is shed when the horse is about 2 1/2 years of age, the second set at three, and the final set of caps comes off at about 3 1/2 to four years of age.

Tooth problems cause pain and discomfort. An observant horseman usually will become aware of problems when they start and have the horse examined by a veterinarian or equine dentist. Tooth problems in a young horse may cause it to throw its head while being ridden because of pain caused by the bit. Or the horse may resist having a bridle put on it.

Mouth pain can make a horse perform poorly during training. A horse cannot concentrate on its lessons or its athletic endeavors when its main attention is focused on pain in its mouth. Even in the normal youngster, sharp edges may form and cause discomfort."

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Need your advice!

Alright Readers (all 5 of you...hehe),
I need your help!
As you know, Granite has been lunging in his bridle/bit for months now. He carries it wonderfully. Yesterday I went to put his bridle on and he would not let me near his mouth. I tried for 30 minutes! I eventually lunged in his halter hoping to wear him out. I tried and again with no results. I am truly praying that he is just having a 2 year old tantrum. But I think it may be an issue with his teeth. He is 2 years and 7 months old. Wolfe teeth? Caps coming off?

Do any of you A.) have any suggestions for correcting this bad behavior (which I hope is all it is)
B.) know more than I do about the dental development of a horse his age?

I will do some web research and speak with his trainer (I tired calling last night and left her a voicemail). Its just that my recent DC trip has wiped me clean of any funds I have at it seems that I owe everyone money. Lets all pray its not his teeth! Cause this will entail farm call, sedation, dental work! Ahhhh! I am STRESSED now! I never thought I would pray that my horse is just being a jerk. Any advice is much appreciated.


Monday, November 9, 2009

Dapple of my Eye

I just want to share a few photos from the last couple of days. Granite is doing wonderfully. I have my first lesson in ages on Wednesday... Wish me Luck!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Quick ReCap

Hello and Happy Fall Y'all!

I know I never have time to write and I do apologize.
However the end is in sight. I graduate Dec 17th at 10am (hmmm, then what will I call my blog if no longer a grad student?)... Expect regular posts to follow.
Until then, I can share with you a brief recap of the past 3 months...
This week marked 3 months at my "big girl job". My Town Council votes on removing me from my probationary status tonight at our Council Meeting.
Granite is steadily progressing and is lunging like a champ in the arena decked out in bridle and saddle.
I have decided to have the woman who owns my farm break him. She is a paint trainer (yes he is a warmblood hunter prospect) but she knows her stuff and its much cheaper to keep him home and will avoid the stress of him traveling. The trainer I sent him to this summer got pregnant (damn her!) so I can't send him to my first choice trainer anyway... Either way, he goes under saddle in April!
School is still plugging along, but as I mentioned, the end is in sight.
I am STILL perpetually single as I have no time or energy to devote to a man not named Granite...
Daphne is still my wild woman pup but she is joining me at the horse farm on weekends and is getting along great with the 2 dogs that live a the farm.
I started weight watchers... I am only down 3 pounds, but am eating much better and am jogging with consistency all in an effort to be in shape when Granite goes under saddle.
My best friend and I took an amazing trip to Washington, DC to watch the Washington International Horse Show 2 weeks ago! It was fabulous. I got to watch Margie Engle, Rodrigo Pessoa, and McLain Ward ride in addition to some stellar junior riders. It was an inspiring experience (except when you realize that short of winning the lottery, I will never be able to compete at that level no matter how good I may be...sigh).
Finally the most exciting news- I found a riding instructor. I met with her and told her that I can only afford a lesson every few weeks, then she mentioned some horses she has that need exercise - free of charge (one of which is on the market for $30,000!). I rode him last night for the first time! It was phenomenal (I havent been on a horse in months!). I am in pain today...significant pain.
Well then, I am off to do some school work before my fate is decided by Town Council.
I promise at least a few more updates then I am back to blogging again after graduation (and when I actually have more than lunging and brushing Granite to share with you!)
"jackson" The expensive horsie I got to ride last night at my new instructor's farm!
McLain Ward winning the High Jump at 6feet 10inches
Margie Engle, my childhood idol (ok, she's still my idol...perhaps I drooled a little when I watched her ride-- don't judge me!)
Me and Bestest being giddy school girls at the WIHS! Yours Truly posing in front of the arena the night of the Eq Medal!