Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How sweet is this web site?

OK, this website sells consignments, but the great part is they are all french made used saddles. NICE!

Yep if you don't want to DRIVE a Jag, you could always RIDE one!

YEP- the people who brought you luxury sports cars now bring you a saddle you can't afford either... check it out:

Jaguar Saddles by H.W. Dabbs Saddlemakers Ltd.- Just as the Jaguar car elevates the automobile , the New Jaguar saddle gives discriminating horsemen a more responsive ride and a truly superb fit.Jaguar cars has now licensed H.W. Dabbs to create a new breed of saddle. The foundation of the Jaguar-a laminated wood spring tree-has been perfected through years of testing in real-life situations, with hundreds of horse and rider combinations. Superb fit, flexibility and comfort are the hallmarks of every Jaguar saddle. Wool-flocked or new, improved memory foam panels and a wide bullet combine for ample clearance of the spine and withers, another unique Jaguar attribute. In keeping with Jaguar's highest standards, the seat panels and padded flaps are carefully crafted in the finest grade of French calf leather.

XJC Equitation Saddle-Designed specifically for Equitation riders, this model features an exceptionally balanced seat with slightly longer and straighter flaps. Jaguar's exclusive panel system allows maximum performance from your horse in flat work and over fences.

Seat Size: 16-18"

Tree: Medium or Wide

Color: Autumn Gold

XJS Jumping Saddles-This saddle has a slightly deeper seat and air-cushioned French calf leather padded flaps and seats. It gives the rider a feeling of absolute balance and total control in every stride. The free foam formed panels offer a better fit and allow the horse freedom of movement. It's also available in wool flocked panels.

Seat Size: 16-18"

Tree Medium or Wide

Color: Autumn Gold

Jaguar XKC Deep Seat Buffalo Leather Dressage Saddle-Made in England, this saddle is the ultimate in comfort. The deeper seat offers a close feel and the grippy buffalo leather breaks in quickly and provides security. Wool flocked panes ensure a comfortable fit for the horse.

Seat Size: 16-18.5

Tree: Narrow, Medium, Wide

Leather: Buffalo, Full Grain or Paris

Wool Panels only

Full Grain or Buffalo Leather

Close Contact Buffalo Leather

From Horse Tack

Manufacturer: Harry Dabbs
Model: Jaguar XJS Jumping Saddle (Paris leather)
Category: Jumping Saddles

Purchase: Paid $2000+ in 2004 This was one of the few saddles that fit my TB (high withers, but broad-shouldered...I needed a tree with enough wither clearance but not too narrow in order to clear the shoulders without pinching)

Likes: I fell in love with the saddle as soon as I sat in it. I had a hard-to-fit horse and actually had several saddles brought to my barn for me to try. Only 3 fit, and I settled on this one immediately. The leather was butter-soft with just the right amount of grip. It did not require breaking-in at all. I was worried that the leather would be too soft and would wear out but 3 years later it has only the smallest amount of wear under the stirrup more than any of my other saddles. The seat is a great width--very comfortable for flat work or jumping. The 17.5" seat is perfect for me (5'5" and a size 10...about average sized). This saddle replaced my Stubben Edelweiss which I liked. However, after riding in this one, I put the Stubben up for consignment. It didn't fit my horse and after riding in this saddle I felt more secure and balanced. I never found myself fighting to find my seat. It is balanced so that I just end up in the deepest part of the saddle naturally.

Graf Genius

ES Graf Genius (1991-2008)

Source: Sandra Werkheiser, AHS Website Director
Mar 25, 2008 - 9:18:28 AM

Graf Genius (Photo: Susan Sexton)
Louise Broadley of Honey Locust Farm lost her gray Hanoverian stallion Graf Genius (Graf Sponeck-Tarah/Trapper) to colic in mid-March. A Jumper Breeding Program sire, he was bred in Germany by Hans-Hermann Schroeder and was 17 years old.

In 1994, Graf Genius was the Colt Champion at Dressage at Lexington. He won the Three-Year-Old Colt class at the NCDCTA breed show, receiving an 8 from Hilda Gurney for conformation. He also won the Three-Year-Old Colts Under Saddle class at NCDCTA and placed fourth in the Stallion Class at Devon. Graf Genius completed the 100-Day Test in 1995, earning an overall score of 126.87 and showed through Fourth Level in dressage.

His first foals were registered in 1995. He currently has 59 AHS foals with 11 Main Studbook mares (including EMCs Graffini Grace, Goodness Grace, and Graffini Garnet), and one mare each in the Studbook and Pre-Studbook.

-I did some looking around today and really don't think that Graf Genius and Graf George are related. Booo. I wanted my baby to have two famous relatives ;)

Friday, February 6, 2009

25 things...

So this 25 random things note is going on around Facebook, so that and the face that Granite was the CUTEST thing ever this morning at breakfast inspired me to share with you:
The 25 Things I LOVE about Granite:

1. He is MINE
2. I bought him by myself
3. I picked him out
4. He is grey
5. His eyes are so sweet
6. He is a BIG boy
7. He is by the Graf Genius line
8. He has Hanoverian in him
9. Part Thoroughbred and that reminds me of Bonnie (The love of my life)
10. He is young and I get to raise him
11. He is very inquisitive
12. He is a social butterfly and loves to meet people (and flirt with them)
13. He is isn't too high strung
14. He makes me laugh
15. He has the potential to be a versatile horse
16. He is my first boy horse
17. He is already gelded
18. He likes to be scratched
19. He isnt a bully in the pasture
20. He used to be brown
21. He has pretty relatives
22. His lovely conformation
23. Everyone else thinks he is handsome
24. He is the complete opposite of Karma and I think its funny to have them both
25. He loves me!

Monday, February 2, 2009

SuperBowl XLIII

Hello. I am sorry for my increasing absence. School is kicking into gear and my internship search is getting desperate. I have also been 'dating' a bit more than usual and despite my insistence that I do not have time for a relationship, I have been managing to make some time recently... Which takes away from time doing much more productive things like working out, blogging, or doing reading for class. I figured I would write quick update just to let you know that I have not forgotten. Superbowl was last night and it was a blast. We had so much food. I kicked the diet for the evening and totally binged. I have only eaten fruit and popcorn so far today to try to make up for last night's indiscretions... Daphne was actually really well behaved and I am so proud. I got her a Ruff-Fur-Eee costume and she was on security detail for most of the night. She didn't eat anyone and that made me a proud mama!

I didn't get to see Granite today, but I did schedule a lesson with a local trainer for him and I. She is coming out to the farm next week to practice some groundwork and lounging with us. I hope he does well, I think it is about time to begin putting some effort into him because he is getting big fast and I don't want a 1200lb animal in my space! Well, work has involved actual work lately-- so I had better get back to it.