Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A trail was a good way to ease back into the week!

I got to ride 4 days last week (in a row) which was lovely. I had 3 really fun/positive rides and I was pretty proud of Granite. I was really glad to FINALLY have him back healthy. His second canine tooth has yet to cut through and his wounds on his tongue and leg have finally healed. Poor Jen (trainer)'s mare is out for 6-8 months with a stifle injury. I went to join her for a visit at her farm and we spent the evening with a glass of wine and lots of horsie discussion. She is such an independent woman with such a talent for riding yet she never lets on to it and pours all her efforts into her mare (not into showing or lofty goals like she could... but into doing right by her mare like she should). I offered Jen a few nights a week on Granite and I hope she will take me up on it even thought she lives 20-30min from my barn. It would be great for him and will keep her in a saddle while she goes through a second rehab with her horse.

I left town Fri-Monday for the beach with TK and 5 of his friends. We had a great time and I came home pretty relaxed. For once I felt rested when I got to work on a "monday" morning. But it was about 100 degrees today and I did not feel excited to school in the arena so I decided to try and take Granite out on the little trails that surround the farm. It was his first time going out alone and he did really well. We even met up with 3 other boarders in the big field between 2 of the sections of trail. I did some trot and canter work out there ad riding in an open area really highlighted our issue with hi popping his shoulders. I have a lesson this weekend (YAY) so I know I need to ask for advice on that. Perhaps some more rides in the open field will help us not rely on the rail as much for help.

Open Field and finding friends

 Through the trails on the ride back

The barn manager stopped me on the way back to the barn to tell me that she tried to put Granite in the newly created pasture since his pasturemate moved this weekend, but he galloped around non-stop and ran into horses like he was a "bowling ball". She said he wouldn't stop so he's now in solitary. He can see two mares which are also in solitary in two adjacent pastures (none of the mares at this barn are allowed to have pasture mates-- something I have never experienced before). He seems to not mind being alone and its probably a good thing because he will not stop pestering any horse he goes out with. His stall neighbor moved into the empty spot created by his pasturemate leaving and now he is apparently trying to eat electrical fixtures for fun times. He has a jolly ball... But I think he is getting a stall guard to keep himself from electrocution...

Hopefully I will get to see Granite a few more times this week and have a lesson! Next week is busy busy, so I will enjoy it while it lasts!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Visit from the grandparents

I think I'll start riding again this week :)

G and his 'daddy' TK

G and me with My Daddy!

Love my big guy!

My mom and the pony!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Oh Granite... his little tongue just doesn't won't to heal... although it doesn't appear to be causing him pain. He devoured his apple today. His knee, however, he doesn't want me near it. He will nearly strike out to keep me away from it. But, he's as sound as he can be... oh perplexing!

Yep the tooth is STILL sitting in the wound. I don't know what else we can do unless I ask them to extract it or we just wait for it to grow enough so his tongue falls between his new canines. sigh.

 This is what remains of his big knee injury. 

Also, I'm registering for a 1/2 Marathon this week. Its in November. Thank God because I'm in such awful shape. Even with six months to train, 13.1 miles scares the ever living crap out of me. I must (find then) maintain motivation. I think I may start a training blog, just for some accountability and inspiration. Now... finding time to train. Looks like I'll be getting up at 5am now.

Monday, May 16, 2011

When it Rains....

Oh Granite....

So two weeks ago I finally did it! I ordered tall boots. Marched in to the tack store and was greeted by my favorite sales girl and she measured me up for a nice pair of boots. I mean I was thinking NICE. Like Vogels anyone? The Young Rider customs. But then she asked if I had lost weight since the last time we searched for boots (on a much smaller budget). I said, "yeah, a little-- its been two years." And she mentioned that I fit perfectly into the Ariat size chart. AND that Ariat had redone their zippers and that their nicer models has really good track records for being sturdy. So something in me said "Rachel, you ride a 4 year old, extremely clumsy boy and you will hate him if he runs you into the fence and scratches $800 boots... you fit into the off-the-shelf variety.... save $300??!!" So, I went with my gut and ordered the Ariat Crowne Pro Zips.

And its a damn good thing I did. I came out to the barn the very next day to see that Prince Charming's front left leg was swollen from the "thigh" to the fetlock. About 3 times its normal size. With an offending small wound on his knee. I freaked out but dosed him with bute and antibiotics after washing with iodine, hosing his leg and applying antibacterial ointment. The next day I asked the barn manager to call with an update. At 9am, I get the call that his leg is worse. Time to call the vet. AND explain to my new boss that although I have no available sick or vacation time, I need to leave to drive 40 minutes to meet the vet (I work in a different city now... thus the lack of blogging). When I get there that afternoon, his leg is , fortunately looking better. The vet prescribed antibiotics, cold hosing and no riding for a while. Sigh.

Two days later, I'm holding Granite's dinner because it has medicine in it and he's a sloppy eater and I wanted to be sure he ate it all. I notice what looks like blood in his mouth. Once he finished scarfing dinner I pried his mouth open (despite his objections) and realized that there was a 1inch lesion (hole, wound, whatever you want to call it-- it looks painful). He has a baby canine that just came in (he got his teeth floated exactly 1 month ago) and is so sharp that where his tongue sits on the small tooth, it was literally wearing a hole in his poor baby horse tongue. I almost cried! And then, I called the vet.... AGAIN. Two times-- one week! And yet again, I have to explain to my new boss that I need to leave a few hours early to met the vet...again.

The vet came out and tried her best to file this tiny little tooth without getting his gum. She gave me some antiseptic mouth wash and he is already on antibiotics. She assured me that wounds in the mouth tend to heal quickly. BUT, she felt 3 more canines on the verge of eruption. I've been keeping an eye on it and the bottom left is about to come through. His little mouth really doesn't look a whole lot better. I feel horrible for him and even if he wasn't on vacation due to his knee (the swelling is gone, he is sound but he hates for me to get NEAR the wound-- which concerns me), he would not have a bit in his mouth until this heals. Halter riding may be in my future.
I realize this is hard to see. Its a cell phone and its in the (moving) horse's mouth. But for reference, the shiny pink is his top gums. My finger is to the right of the "here" and the dark line you see is the wound on the under side of his tongue that I'm holding up. OUCH! It was red and purple on Wednesday when I found it.

But, aside from the boy being laid up, I've seen him 12 of the past 13 days (yay cold hosing) which may be a record. I'm getting even more attached to my lovely man. I took some (classy) cell phone shots of him being ADORABLE while I groomed him after work today. It was storming out and it was so nice just to groom the boy and give him an apple and give him kisses.

Oh Hi Mom! I've seen you a lot lately!

Yes, I am the most handsome boy alive!

 Is that you back there?
Nope, his stall isn't up higher, big man just towers over everyone (1250lb at last tape and 16.2h)
Don't leave mom!!! (sound of heart breaking)

Oh , PS, theres a "fun" show on June 11th. Its $5 to get in the gate (competitors or spectators) and all the classes are free. Its just an open show. Western and english classes. I think I plan on taking Granite (assuming he is well) and just showing him around. If he's calm, I'll take him in some classes. If he's freaking out, then I paid $5 for some great exposure for him. I hope things align and we can go, it seems like a great opportunity!

I miss you all but try to catch up on blogs vis Google Reader (thats why I don't comment much anymore) during my lunch breaks (when I get them).