Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Catching Up

Hello Blogworld,

Since I didn't make it out to the barn today (lame) I figured it would be the perfect opportunity to fulfill my promise to you all to blog this week. When I left my office at quarter after 5:00, it was pouring down rain, sideways wind, black skies, scary! I got on the interstate and proceeded West toward home (and the barn) at a blazing 45MPH... joy. I HATE driving in the rain and my beloved 12 year old 'red car' leaks on me during particularly torrential downpours. So, after about 15minutes of that fun, I made the executive decision to abandon barn and head for the hills (also known as my apartment). Of course, the closer I come to my city of residence, the clearer the skies get--- but I remain resolute that Granite gets this evening off and I will visit with my long lost acquaintance-- they gym. The gym was nice, although I hate when I realize how quickly one can get out of shape! Remember when I used to knock down miles at the time? I ran one... and then decided the stair-stepper may be more kind to my lungs (incorrect-- in case you wondered). Anyhoo I survived 30 whopping minutes... barely (and a 30 minute walk on mu lunch break). Can you tell I'm back on a mission to be a little less fat since I've put on 8lb since dating TK? I'm sure this huge glass of merlot I'm currently consuming will put me well on my way... riiiight.

So, wondering what we've been up to? Riding! And working. We've had another two lessons (I think) with Jen since moving to Oak Meadow. One was lovely and the other maybe overfaced Granite and myself with some little gymnastics. We have since decided to step back from jumping just a little and work on striding and such. Granite manages to hurt himself in the pasture daily. Its always a new surprise to see what wound he has come up with. I guess thats what happens with my little 4 year old busy-body is in a pasture with lots of older (less tolerant ) boys. Oh yeah, may I point out, the little man turned 4 on April 13th. 4 days before I turned 25! Youch, we are getting old!

On his 4th B-day Granite decided to turn into a pill-pot and spent almost 2 weeks being intolerable under saddle. I seriously started comparison shopping on dream horse to see what I could sell the kid for (I liked what I saw actually-- then I envisioned the vacation I could take for his sale price and the coach bags I could purchase for his monthly board...sigh... the life of a non horse owner). I think I ascertained that the behavior coincided with the implementation of a new bridle and ceased when I changed to another new bridle.... Either way, he got his head back on straight after 2 weeks of crazy. His Aunt Eva came to visit recently and rode him for the first time in a while. I love love love getting to watch him go undersaddle with someone else :) It always makes me feel a little better about our progress, or lack there of.

Granite did manage to pop a splint in his left front (same as his special hoof) after being shoed by a different farrier. Randomly he had a gland behind his left jaw (throatlatch) swell as well. Fortunately both of these things happened right before the vet came for spring shots (and teeth float all a whopping $237 argh) but the vet was less than helpful and told me to "get them examined if they got bigger" even though I would like to think I asked him to examine both things THEN (I wasn't able to be there-- joys for working 45min away and having ZERO vacation leave). Thankfully the glad swelling went away and theres never been any lameness in the leg and from what I read these are common in youngesters and cause little to no problem after they become boney lumps. The vet did advise me to ride him in front boots from now on and go easy over fences for a while (already determined). Our barn is switching vets after that experience and we had a meet and greet with the new vet last week. I feel pretty confident about trying her out! Granite did pull a shoe yesterday and I decided that because his back toes are wearing really quickly and the splint and my general confidence in my Super Farrier, I'm going to have TK arrange to hold Granite so that I can revert back to my trusted shoer. He's been working with Granite since G was a yearling and if nothing else, he's much less expensive and he knows how to calm my nerves.

Since G pulled the shoe, he just got a bath yesterday and you heard about the weather shenanigans today (after the tornadoes of the last couple weeks, I'm weary), so I'm really looking forward to riding tomorrow.

One last piece of news. My dad had to have (yet another) full hip replacement and is stuck home alone for quite a while. TK and I went to visit him and momma over the holiday weekend and we (maybe I didn't quite consult TK actually) decided to leave little Daphne Dog with her grandfather while he heals. This way he won't be home alone and Daphne spends her weekdays at Aunt Diannes at daycare, so I figured a few weeks at the beach being a therapy dog would do everyone (but TK and I who miss the dog like mad) some good. Mom and Dad report that Daphne is doing her job and helping some very stressed and recovering individuals smile a little more often.

Sorry for having been absent for so long, I work on websites and social media for the majority of my day (if I'm not writing press releases, speeches, or mayoral proclamations) and when I get home at night (typically around 8PM) I usually don't want to go anywhere near the computer :)

I got a Flip for my birthday-- yay-- so enjoy some rough footage of the dog and pony.


  1. Yah! It's nice to know you haven't fallen off the planet. :)

  2. Yay! I like your blogs :D I feel you on several things - my trunk leaks if the slightest bit of water gets on it (which I only found out when I was in high school and it ruined some books), and my horse popped a hind splint at the start of the semester... He wasn't lame at all ever but I still gave him a few weeks off with some coldhosing of it until I was totally sure there was no swelling left.

  3. So good to hear from you!! I'm glad Granite is back to behaving. Get some roll-on DMSO and apply it to that splint after every ride, it will keep it from growing into a huge bump. Love the videos of Daphne and all the horses! So cute! I would like that tiny little bay pony please... K, thanks.

  4. I'm happy to hear from ya! It sounds like you're doing great. I'm glad to hear that Granite shaped up :)

  5. Teenage horses have their phases. See my entire blog. ;-) I'm glad you guys worked through it. Happy updates make me smile. :-)

  6. Loved the videos! Daphne is adorable. :-)