Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Oh Granite... his little tongue just doesn't won't to heal... although it doesn't appear to be causing him pain. He devoured his apple today. His knee, however, he doesn't want me near it. He will nearly strike out to keep me away from it. But, he's as sound as he can be... oh perplexing!

Yep the tooth is STILL sitting in the wound. I don't know what else we can do unless I ask them to extract it or we just wait for it to grow enough so his tongue falls between his new canines. sigh.

 This is what remains of his big knee injury. 

Also, I'm registering for a 1/2 Marathon this week. Its in November. Thank God because I'm in such awful shape. Even with six months to train, 13.1 miles scares the ever living crap out of me. I must (find then) maintain motivation. I think I may start a training blog, just for some accountability and inspiration. Now... finding time to train. Looks like I'll be getting up at 5am now.


  1. Poor Granite. That leg looks bad. I hope the swelling is going down and he improves quickly. Misty had a puncture wound at the top of her forearm one time. Her entire leg puffed up. It looked really bad. But shortly after the would was treated (vet pulled a stick out of the deep pocket caused by the stick), she improved rapidly. I hope Granite heals speedily too.

  2. You might want to get an X-ray of that knee. I was caring for a friend's horse and he got a very small puncture wound on his front cannon. A fellow border who's a nurse looked at it and didn't think it was a big deal, so we cleaned it out, put some goop on it, and wrapped it. The horse seemed fine, and when its owner came home she didn't think much of it. But it would not heal. Fast forward a few months and it turns out the outside layer of the bone was infected; the puncture had been much deeper than we thought, and the horse was out of work for six months.

    Sorry, I'm not trying to scare you! But the leg being SO swollen just doesn't seem like a good sign.

  3. Hey guys! I had the vet out for it last week. She just said "antibiotics" since he is sound. Funny thing is--- is knee/leg is no long swollen. Its completely normal. He just has huge knees so I guess if you aren't used to seeing him, it may appear swollen.

  4. Hi Rachel -

    New to your blog - another blogger told me Granite has a club foot. I have a 4 yr old mare (had her since she was a yearling) that has a right front club with a deep central sulcus. We have been battling thrush / infection in the crevice for over a month. She is shod - all 4 feet - per our farrier.

    We are taking her to the vet tomorrow because we can't get her sound on that foot - we have never had her x-rayed or evaluted by the vet for the club (just took our farrier's word for it).

    Any advice / help you can pass along of how you manage Granite's club whould be great!


  5. Hey Rach, are you doing anything to help the sore in his mouth heal? Poppy came up with some blood in her mouth last night during our ride (looking down to see RED foam is never good). Turns out she's got a nasty sore in her mouth too- not near her bit though so we dont know what it could be from. She's been off for 3 days so even more confused at where it came from. Anyways, she is getting a salt water rinse 1x a day and a black tea rinse 1x a day. Try that on G...may help him out. Black tea is suppose to work wonders...on human mouth issues too! Good luck! Hope that leg gets better...looks ouchy!

  6. My goodness. Granite, cut your momma a break! I feel your pain - cutting those baby teeth is a tough time, but it gets better :)