Wednesday, November 2, 2011

To Be Continued... promise!

Granite says "Don't forget about ME!"
Well, actually he says "I am sleepy!...yawn."
But regardless of  Granite's dialogue, I say, "we'll be blogging again soon!"

Granite moved to his current casa on August 1st. He LOVES his 14x12 matted stall that opens to his paddock and 8 acres of pasture. He likes his herd. He loves his barn owner and so do I. We are happy.

Some soundness issues had me out of the saddle for about three weeks last month and had the vet out to visit 3 times. But now we are back on track and feeling good. 

We recruited a former fellow boarder who is a senior at the college in our town (oh those were the days) to ride him once a week. Letting go was a bit tough, but she's good and he needs miles. It was a great choice.

G is primarily working on transitions and using his booty. We are hoping to get out on the trail some this winter with our Barn Owner and fabulous trail blazing friends (with trailers...trailers are key). I'm hoping the concentrated efforts in the schooling ring and the experiences of the great wide open (or the local county park) will make for a well-rounded pony ready for a schooling show debut next season... 2012, here we come!

Yesterday TK and I signed a lease on a (large) one bedroom apartment in the town where we both work and Granite lives. We are sad about leaving the city we currently live in (mainly the friends we have in it-- PS EVA MOVED THERE AND NOW I'M LEAVING!) but are excited to no longer be commuters (10-15 min to the barn or work from the new place! bohyah!). We officially move November 19th. And if I move again in the next three years, I will probably freak out. Me or the horse... no more moving! 

TK has had a busy and difficult time adjusting to his new job and coaching football. But, football season ended yesterday (with a 1-10 record, ouch) and now, maybe I will have some photos to make this blog worth of being blogged upon again since I can drag him and Daphne to the barn with me.

That being said, no commuting = 1 hour and 20 minutes more time in my life to make room for our blog again.

See you soon!


  1. Yah! I am so glad to "hear" from you guys again. :)

  2. Thanks Alanna, I look forward to being back :)

  3. Glad you are doing well and enjoying your new equine and human homes.

  4. Bummer about moving away from Eva, but with 80 minutes more free time every day, maybe you'll actually find time to see her now. How fun would that be?

    Welcome back to blogging, btw. I've missed you.

  5. I've been following all of you all from the comfort of google reader! I promise!

  6. So good to see you back! especially Daphne who had me quite worried when you went so long without an update. Yah for everyone looking good.

  7. Daphne had us worried to! We are even more grateful to have her now.

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