Thursday, March 1, 2012

Victory... and subsequent defeat

Coming at you live from my lunch break...

Ugh, I started a diet/exercise initiative this week. I hate it, but it has to be done.
Something new this time though. Our Occupational Health Clinic at work has been hawking this phone app/ website called  and everyone in my department has jumped on board. I've even convinced TK and my barn owner to give it a try. My thought is that if I surround myself with people participating in the same program as I am, that maybe they will be constant inspiration and support and I will succeed. We shall see. I've gained about 10 of the 22 pounds that I lost in 2010 back and per my 2012 goals, I need to lose them (and then an additional 15 more). Granite will appreciate it if I do, that's for sure.

So on to the victory... Tuesday evening, I rode the big grey horse. He was a total PIA! I had the new french link loose ring bit on him and he did. not. like. it! At. All! He tossed his head and chewed and tossed and chewed (He is getting 3 new teeth in as well, to his defense. But the bit fit and we had bit guards on just in case the loose ring pinched). He was behind my leg and just pissy. Typically, this is when I lose my patience and we get in a fight. And no one wins. But, some sort of zen came over me on Tuesday and I just started trying for small victories. I made sure my hands were way out in front, I didn't ask for collection but I asked him to move forward, and then into his bit. Before to long, he started to do just that. Then we worked on our lateral motion and before long, we had collection! Viola! So, while we were ahead, I got in my half seat and we went over our cross-rail. Success! He remembered how to jump again. We even landed at the canter (instead of halting as G is sometimes tempted to do after exerting THAT much energy over a 12 inch cross rail). We went over the jump 3 times at the canter and he really had a grand old time. I was so proud that I turned what could have been a waste of time in the saddle into a nice ride. For once, I wasn't demanding and Granite finally came around. Good Boy! PS-- the bit is going in the bottom of the tack box!

And then there was yesterday. Forecasted to storm, I didn't pack barn clothes or plan to ride. But at 5pm it was dry, so I went to my apartment to change and headed out to the barn. Of course, I was running later than usual so I figured, I'd save the time of tacking up and ride bareback. Also, I mentioned those new teeth coming in, so I figured I'd give the boy a break from anything else in his mouth. So I borrowed the barn owner's side pull (and wrapped some vet wrap around the nose-- my boy is sensitive). Armed with little more than my helmet and the sidepull, G and I went to the arena (btw, it is VERY windy although not storming...yet). G was rotten. I tried to channel that zen girl from Tuesday with no luck. Finally I took the advice of the all-knowing Jen who recently told me "if you aren't going to have a productive ride, at least you can get some exercise." So I let the reins go after 15 minutes of fighting for him not to ride around with his nose in his chest (can you avoid a bit when there is no bit??) and we hacked out on the buckle for 20 minutes. We even did a little canter. Yep, G would appreciate if I lose some weight. We didn't accomplish much, but he got some exercise (and so did I).

It is a top ten day today (77 degrees and sunny). So I'll be tacking up and using our trusty bit and we'll see if we can get something accomplished today.


  1. I need to barrow some of your zen with Pippi (:

  2. Don't feel bad about the bit -- Encore hateth the loose ring snaffles too. I think he has fairly sensitive lips and he doesn't like the slidey in the corner. He is much better with a fixed ring.

  3. Sounds like Granite's coming along nicely!