Monday, April 30, 2012

Making Strides

Positive (and large, daisy cutting) Ones!

I haven't enjoyed my horse in about two months. He has been a real turd. He is fighting me and will not get on the bit. He has been injured. He has been just annoying. I've really not been looking forward to riding. And, as everyone knows, when you are a self-supporting, full-time-working, adult-am, you need to enjoy the thing you are spending all of your extra time and money to sustain. So... I called in the big guns.

Our new trainer Heather got on last weekend while I was out of town (at my parents' celebrating my... (gulp) 26th Birthday). She reported that my horse was being a bit of a jerk and he hated his bit, but she got some good work out of him after about 15 minutes.

So... I ordered a bit (or two). Enter the happy mouth eggbutt with a mullen mouth. And, Granite is much more relaxed. Not perfect, mind you, but relaxing his jaw and actually being more supple for me! Don't you love progress? I do!

And to put the nail in the coffin of getting back to good with Granite, I called our trusty horse mentor and equestrian therapist (that's how it feels, she can literally talk me through anything-- mainly helping me get out of my own way and that of my horse's). You may know by now that I'm talking about Ms. Jenn. She came to visit us on Sunday to ride. Now, she's coached me a dozen times but she has never gotten up on the big giant herself. This time she came decked out and ready to ride. Bless her heart, her mare has been out for almost a year with a stifle injury and she hasn't ridden anything in two months. She was brave to hop on the 16.3 hand solid beast of a horse after two months off, and did I mention that she is petite?

Anyway. She got on and warmed G up on a completely lose rein. Then she slowly took come contact and asked him to carry himself. By golly, she got it. The horse looked fantastic! I was so proud. I LOVE watching people who ride better than I do make my horse look phenomenal.  I don't give that animal credit, if I would get out of his way, he could let out his inner rock star/ show stopper more often!

So then she had me get up there so she could see exactly how I was getting in his way. She was a huge cheerleader and basically helped me to discover that I'm asking my horse to be a dressage horse. I'm asking the big baby to collect and get really round and I'm puuuushing him from behind for everything. What I'm not letting him do is be that hunter that I keep saying I want him to be. I don't let him be long and low and floaty. So, without further pause, I show you what Granite can do while being coached by Ms. Jenn and ridden by yours truly:

Here is to continued success and BiG Strides :)

PS: I may have some additional exciting news.... suspense! 


  1. Wow, gorgeous!! I hope you can keep your positive riding going.

  2. nice!!! he looks good! Here's to progress!

  3. Those happy mouth mullens are pretty cool. I have one on my guy right now and he loves it. Glad you found something that works for you. Gran looks great!!

  4. He is looking awesome!! I need to go bit shopping again. Maybe I should look into the happy mouth mullen?

  5. Good stuff - sounds like you're on the road . . .

  6. He looks very happy, forward and relaxed :) yay happy mouth Mullen?

  7. Can I borrow your trainer(s) for Ozzy?

  8. Oh yes... LOVE LOVE LOVE Granite's big floaty trot. So pretty!!! (Official Hunter Princess Stamp of Approval)

  9. Thanks everyone! I think it was a combo of the mullen & the advice from the ground really. But sold me the mullen for $12... its worth a shot.

    Dom: I wish you could borrow either trainer. They are fantastic horsewomen.

    Mariss: this means so much to us! We look up to you and the TuckerMan.

  10. would you be able to post a link to the bit? I'm looking on horseloverz and all of the happy mouth bits are $40 and up...?

  11. 048224251 Apple Mouth Solid Mouth Round Ring Eggbutt - ** Quantity=1 (Box #01)

    That was the product number from the shipping email. It was during a "flash" sale for 2 hours on bits! I bought a 3 ring snaffle for $9 and the happy mouth for $12