Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Motivation Missing: Reward Offered

I skipped the barn tonight. So not cool, considering that I can't go out Friday-Tuesday of next week. FAIL! It has just been so super hot out and my mind has been SO elsewhere!

TK and I are strongly considering a new rental house:

So cute.

I also think I'll be purchasing a vehicle shortly. I wish I could afford something with which to haul the pony-boy, but it just isn't in the cards quite yet. I test drove this today:

2006 Toyota Rav4. I'd rather a Highlander however.

TK's mom and I are also planning a trip to Portland/Seattle for September 2nd - 7th. I know some of you out there are rep'in the PNW, so let me know, what do we HAVE to see??

Finally. TK and I and his parents are going to visit my parents and their best friends back in my home town. The twist (as if it wasn't twisty enough already)? We are going to my hometown yet staying in a beach rental house like total tourists. This is going to be SO trippy for me-- a girl who grew up hating tourists! Perhaps I'll be eating my words?


Granite kicked off his shoe again Sunday and my saintly farrier tacked it back on Monday evening. I rode bareback in the pasture last night. He was bit of a turd (really avoiding the bit at all costs), but I tried not to concern myself much with that. I slacked tonight and opted for running and workout and making a nice dinner for the boy. Tomorrow, I will attempt and easy ride and lots of pony love before we head off for our beach weekend. Granite ate his bell boots, so I'm trying not to push it until my next order comes in (I ordered a back up pair, just to be safe). 



  1. Walking around downtown Portland is always fun, especially the Pearl District. Great shopping! Powell's bookstore in is amazing, an entire city block of books. And you have to stop at VooDoo Doughnuts!!

  2. Who picked out the beach house in your old home town? Just wondering because it would be the perfect time for your man to talk to your dad if you know what I am saying...

  3. FUN! Aug/September out in the PNW is the best :) If you're downtown, I highly recommend Pike Place Market. Just eat and browse you're way through.. Also, it's the 50th anniversary of the World's Fair so Seattle Center has a bunch of fun stuff going on including a pretty bad ass glass art installation that is impressive. Of course I think there's a big black mare that shouldn't be missed but I'm biased...

    Let me know if you need any specific suggestions :)

    1. Gingham, YAY! Seriously. Hit me up on email if you get the chance. I'll have TK's mom as my travel buddy, but she is uber flexible. At the very least maybe we can meet up for coffee or something!