Sunday, December 16, 2012

Happy Holidays

Granite had his third vet visit on Friday. His temperature has stayed normal and he seems to be responding really well to his pain meds (now on once daily previcox). The treatment plan is to keep him in his stall and small paddock for another month when we will ultrasound again and pull more blood work to make sure his spleen has gone back to normal and the ab muscle has repaired. Although I basically called off purchasing any more Christmas gift the bills have set me back so far, but this was the best case diagnosis and the big guy is feeling better now. So, I'm a relatively happy horse mom.

I'm really looking forward to the holidays. After work this week I'll go to my parent's house on the Outer Banks. The best part is that TK will be with me for the first time this year. We'll return to our home for his birthday on the 27th. He will be 29. Where does the time go? The next day, we pack up with his family and head to Asheville, NC to spend 4 days enjoying the family's company and the beautiful mountains. To top off the great vacation, TK and I will spend new years eve with my favorite band: The Avett Brothers. I. Can't. Wait. But, 11 days without my Granite will be tough. I'm just glad he has our amazing Barn Owner to watch after him and that he is feeling better going into the holidays.

I'm sorry I've been absent most of the year. I guess I just didn't have anything moving to write. I'm glad I've been able to follow along with your lives.

Wishing you all a Happy Holiday!
From Me, Granite, Little Daphne Dog, and TK <3


  1. Happy holidays! Glad to hear the big guy is doing better.

    P.S. I saw the Avett Brothers earlier this year and they were amazing. They put on a really, really fun and energetic show. Sounds like an awesome way to ring in the new year, hope its a blast!

  2. I'm really glad Granite is feeling better. Must be a relief for you!

  3. Good to hear that Granite is doing better. Safe travels and happy holidays and happy birthday to TK. :-)

  4. Cute card! Merry Christmas! I hope my Granite feels better soon!