Thursday, April 25, 2013


Have I told you about that little issue I have. The one where I don't own a trailer (or a truck)? Yeah, and that my barn owner has a trailer. But, it wasn't made for 17hand 1300lb beasts like Granite? Well, its  true story.

Also, did I mention that I've always been pretty competitive and I used to adore horse showing. My goal has always been to get back in to it. Yeah, I've realized that the A circuit is probably never going to happen for us. My public servant status and the silly teacher that I fell in love with don't quite come with salaries that add up to weeks away at HITS.

Thus is life. I will settle for getting to ride. That's still pretty awesome and luxurious on my salary. But, my barn owner has a really cute mare that she, like the rest of us, doesn't have the time she'd like to have for riding. So, now that my training for my first 1/2 marathon (yeah, I did that!) has culminated, I figured, I could ride two horses. Stay with me here...

My barn owner's mare, Jazz, fits in her trailer (imagine that). And she said she would love for me to take her to some schooling shows. So... if you can't show your really cute warmblood that you bought with all intentions of taking to the As one day, you could totally still get behind taking your barn owner's paint mare to a schooling show one day!

So.... yesterday was the beginning of a new project. Keep working on improving my, now six year old, boy and try to get to know a new project and get her ready for some flat classes at a local schooling show or two this summer.

Why not?

G is super pumped about our ride.... its beginning to become a trend.

Now, I introduce, Jazz. 9 year old, homebred paint mare.
Yes, I appear to be a little large for her. Or, maybe I'm just used to riding a giant.

My two-a-day set of grey ears. #greylove


  1. FUN! I must say I'm a bit jealous that you not only have one horse to ride but two! Keep us posted on your fun. :)

  2. C-U-T-E! I love the grey mare, she's cool looking!

  3. Thanks guys! You are too sweet. I think Jazzy is just the neatest color scheme.

  4. Two a days are tough but totally worth all the work!