Monday, February 2, 2009

SuperBowl XLIII

Hello. I am sorry for my increasing absence. School is kicking into gear and my internship search is getting desperate. I have also been 'dating' a bit more than usual and despite my insistence that I do not have time for a relationship, I have been managing to make some time recently... Which takes away from time doing much more productive things like working out, blogging, or doing reading for class. I figured I would write quick update just to let you know that I have not forgotten. Superbowl was last night and it was a blast. We had so much food. I kicked the diet for the evening and totally binged. I have only eaten fruit and popcorn so far today to try to make up for last night's indiscretions... Daphne was actually really well behaved and I am so proud. I got her a Ruff-Fur-Eee costume and she was on security detail for most of the night. She didn't eat anyone and that made me a proud mama!

I didn't get to see Granite today, but I did schedule a lesson with a local trainer for him and I. She is coming out to the farm next week to practice some groundwork and lounging with us. I hope he does well, I think it is about time to begin putting some effort into him because he is getting big fast and I don't want a 1200lb animal in my space! Well, work has involved actual work lately-- so I had better get back to it.

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