Friday, February 6, 2009

25 things...

So this 25 random things note is going on around Facebook, so that and the face that Granite was the CUTEST thing ever this morning at breakfast inspired me to share with you:
The 25 Things I LOVE about Granite:

1. He is MINE
2. I bought him by myself
3. I picked him out
4. He is grey
5. His eyes are so sweet
6. He is a BIG boy
7. He is by the Graf Genius line
8. He has Hanoverian in him
9. Part Thoroughbred and that reminds me of Bonnie (The love of my life)
10. He is young and I get to raise him
11. He is very inquisitive
12. He is a social butterfly and loves to meet people (and flirt with them)
13. He is isn't too high strung
14. He makes me laugh
15. He has the potential to be a versatile horse
16. He is my first boy horse
17. He is already gelded
18. He likes to be scratched
19. He isnt a bully in the pasture
20. He used to be brown
21. He has pretty relatives
22. His lovely conformation
23. Everyone else thinks he is handsome
24. He is the complete opposite of Karma and I think its funny to have them both
25. He loves me!

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