Thursday, April 16, 2009

New Helmet!

So I have been wanting a new helmet for quite some time. My current helmet is not SEI approved and was purchased in 1998. Eeeek... can we say, its time to change with the times? So being a poor grad students a charels owens or GPA was out of the picture. I settled on a IRH ATH 5 vent . I went and looked at some in Raleigh and was fitted with a great 6 7/8 Long Oval version. I didn't have the money on hand but I kept it in mind. I asked for my Mom to go in with me to get a new helmet for my birthday (tomorrow!). She gave me $100 toward the helmet. I went Monday to a local tack store and was in a rush but tried on a IRH ATH SSV size 7 round. It fit pretty nicely so I went ahead and bought it. $182 after tax. I was pretty happy with it but did a bit of research today for the heck of it on the helmet to compare it to the ATH 5 vent that I had originally planned on getting. While searching I ran across which had the IRH ATH 5vent 6 7/8 long oval for 99$ with FREE SHIPPING! I couldnt believe it so I called them. Their 1-877 number led me directly to a human being who was more that helpful and told me that this WAS true and that they were not dealing with International any longer and were closing out their stock. I immediately ordered this helmet and plan to return the SSV as soon as possible. I noticed that they have great deals, a price match guarantee, and free shipping on all orders over $100. I recommend taking a look at what they have to offer and don't hesitate calling because they are kind and helpful! I am so excited to get my new helmet and will be even more excited if I ever get the chance to try it out (hoping to ride Karma at the farm on Saturday!).

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