Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Perhaps I havent posted in months...

So let me excuse myself for sucking at life. In the past month (ok, months) life has been nuts-- I guess that was the premise of the blog: crazy busy grad student attempts to own horses. But heres whats been up. Granite turned 2! He is growing like a weed... soooo handsome and funny. He is like a dog. Always up in my business. He wouldnt hurt a fly, ever! I got an internship. I currently have 3 grad classes Tues-Thurs evenings. I am working 9-5 every day but monday. I am admining evals for the poli sci department and one of the profs I work for is seriously trying to kill me with manuscripts for publishers (they kinda sorta suck too-- I should get a by-line for fixin the shit). But moral of the story is that I haven't been riding and wont be for a little while. My best friend is going to look at a 3yr old Perch/TB on Sunday. Any advice on what to look for at this stage? He is apparently working with side reins and had been under saddle a couple of times. The farm seems legit, but she found him on Craig's List. I originally found Granite on Craigs list though... so you never know do you?

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