Monday, June 29, 2009

Daphne walk/ Visit to Granite @ Summer Camp & Daytrip...

Well Happy Monday to all. Hopefully we can all start this week bright, considering that most of us (the lucky ones) have a 4 day weekend to which to look forward. I will be heading out to Oak Island, NC with 7 friends. It should be a complete blast and I cannot wait! Although I will miss my little dog person as she will be staying for extended "daycare" while I am gone. Next weekend she will head down to my parents house on the OBX and will be staying for her trip to summer camp/ behavior modification...

Friday evening, I took Daphne for an hour long walk on along the road on which we live. We went close to 8pm when it had finally cooled down. I worked on snapping her leash (attached to a harness, not her neck) quickly every time she started to pull. She is FINALLY getting it and by the middle of the walk was looking like this:

Can you believe that? Yes folks, that's SLACK on her leash! What a good dog. I took her again last night for a shorter walk around our apartment complex and I had surprisingly similar results in less time. I think I will do the same with her this evening. I will let you know how that goes.

I went to see Granite at the trainers on Saturday morning. I took my favorite Colorado girl and she thought my boy was handsome (and huge). Cynthia worked him in a circle a bit and he was fabulous. She then backed the trailer up and loaded him. He walked on without her even leading him. This is after it took us close to an hour to load him when I bought him! Then she let me try it, and what do you know? He loaded right up for me too! I groomed and loved on him-- all the while he was ground tied! He is making such progress and it has only been two weeks! I am going to see him Wednesday after work since I will be away all weekend. If only I could convince the new man in my life to come meet him with me on Wednesday. I don't think I have a snowball's chance in hell of that... but hey, a girl can dream cant she?

After visiting Granite at summer camp Colorado and I went to Mayberry (Mount Airy,NC) to do some touristy stuff. We went to see a lot of "free" things that "we wouldnt see anywhere else in the world" and then realized where we truly belonged... the wineries! We did 2 seperate wine tours and I had a blast. Colorado is trying to plan my wedding at a winery... too bad there is no groom to speak of :( We had a real blast none the less!


  1. Like your blog! Gave you an award on mine :)

  2. Awesome! Sorry I totally stopped updating during Finals least semester.... I will try to get my act together now! I will be certain to check out yours as well...