Friday, June 26, 2009

Granite Goes to Boot Camp & Changes in the Troupe

Much has happened in my world since the beginning of the summer.

The first big bit of news was a difficult decision that I was forced to make. I chose to relinquish possession of my mare, Karma. In order to properly care for both horses, I was investing a lot of time and money but each horse was getting less than their fair share of time and resources were spread terribly thinly. The Porters were also having to take on the expense of feeding and housing my GIANT warmblood youngster who eats just as much as the other 5 horses combine did. So, after much deliberation, chose to return Karma to D and focus all of my efforts on Granite who was to be my future show horse anyway. In addition to the decision to pare down to one equine, was the decision to move Granite to a new farm. This choice was made for a multitude of reasons but most importantly because Granite needs more space with which to run and be a healthy growing youngster. Also, he is eating so much and making the limited space at the Porters hard to work with. Moving Granite was the best choice for everyone with the exception of Mr. Wallet. Mr. Wallet always gets shafted however, so whats new? Granite will be moving next month to Lil' Aspen Farms in Summerfield, NC about 25 minutes from my apartment. He will be pasture boarded but we have access to a washdown, barn, round pen, arena with rubber footing, and lots of green green pastures. Along with lots of Paint horses-- I expect an identity crisis in the near future from Granite wondering why he doesn't have spots!

In other BIG news... Granite left for training with Cynthia Turrentine of King, NC. He left on June 13th and will be in training for a month. I went to visit Granite last Saturday. He is adjusting well and loves his temporary pasture mate, Duke. He is working on confidence building and his fear of small spaces. He is learning to ground tie and deal with scary things such as fly spray, water hoses, creeks, the trailer, and life in general. Cynthia is diligent about sending me updates as she knows I am queen of the Helicopter Moms... She just sent me a picture of his first bath time experience! I am going to visit him tomorrow and will share our new updates. Granite will go to him new home when he returns from training and hopefully I will be able to take over from here!

In other news. My dog is getting out of control. She bit the new man in our lives last week. She didn't draw blood but he simply leaned down to kiss me and she lunged. I have enacted a new "no daphne on the furniture" rule when we have guests to visit. I have been trying to get her out on some more walks on these warm summer evenings. I will be sending her to summer camp with my parents in the next three weeks when we go down to visit. They will keep her for a couple weeks and inevitably "learn her sumthin." I wish I had inherited their animal training abilites. I have recently decided that I shall avoid reproduction as my children would turn out to be gang bangers at the rate in which I am proceeding with my two critters. Hopefully sending the two of them to their respective "Summer Camps" will help to aleviate the problems we have encountered.

Finally, I have a big job interview next week. I think I am a prime candidate for the position, so just pray I don't screw up the interview. This is a full time position that will allow me to only take 4 class hours next semester and then graduate with my Masters in December. The job is close to Granite's new farm and will afford me the time (and perhaps a bit of extra money) to spend ample time with him!

Updates to come! Thanks for sticking with me :)


  1. Hopefully you dont feel too bad about is REALLY tough having two horses (in a time and money sense). I have to make the exact same decision in the next year or so with my two. Only one of them can stay long term (unless me or my boyfriend figure out how to become millionaires!). Sounds like Granite is doing great in training, that's awesome that you have a good person to help you with all that, it makes all the difference :)

  2. thanks for the support! I really think Granite deserves the focus of my time and $ right now. But I will miss Karma, & I wont have a horse to ride for another 10 months...
    Let me know how that millionare thing works out, and share your secrets!