Wednesday, November 18, 2009

More Pictures & Winding Ridge Farm

My Sweet Family!

Love my Baby Boy!

I emailed some of these pictures to the woman who sold Granite to me. I know I would want regular updates if I were her. That got me thinking that I should share her website with you. They are a really sweet little sporthorse farm. You can see Granite's mom and even some baby pictures of him on the site. You have got to check out the stallion that Granite's mom (Grace) is currently in foal to! LA Baltic Sunrise! Nice stuff-- I'll trade for THAT baby! JK.

I turned in a ton of work this week. Only 2 small papers and 2 classes left of my Graduate School Career! Its carzy. What will I do with all the time? And whats life like without stress and guilt? This is sure to be a new adventure!


  1. Life after school is going to be an adventure for sure. Unfortunately, I think I'm actually headed towards graduate school, so I won't experience freedom for long.

    Granite is a pretty boy. I'll check out the site.

  2. I am glad I went through grad school. I think it was worth it. It landed me in the career field I have always wanted to be in. You won't regret it. But I never took time off. I went straight through and havent had even a summer away from school in over 3 years. I am ready for a break.

    Def check out her site. Granite was such a cute baby and his Mom is pretty as well. Her new baby daddy is a rockstar Swedish Warmblood and I am jealous!

  3. Such a cutie! Lots of nice babies at Winding Ridge...

  4. Congrats on (almost) finishing Grad School! It's no walk in the park. I went straight thru too with 4 years of undergrad and a year of grad...what shall you do afterwards??? Enjoy more time with Granite of course!

  5. congrats on finishing up graduate school! Your family looks great too! I wish stella would sit still for photos!