Thursday, November 5, 2009

Quick ReCap

Hello and Happy Fall Y'all!

I know I never have time to write and I do apologize.
However the end is in sight. I graduate Dec 17th at 10am (hmmm, then what will I call my blog if no longer a grad student?)... Expect regular posts to follow.
Until then, I can share with you a brief recap of the past 3 months...
This week marked 3 months at my "big girl job". My Town Council votes on removing me from my probationary status tonight at our Council Meeting.
Granite is steadily progressing and is lunging like a champ in the arena decked out in bridle and saddle.
I have decided to have the woman who owns my farm break him. She is a paint trainer (yes he is a warmblood hunter prospect) but she knows her stuff and its much cheaper to keep him home and will avoid the stress of him traveling. The trainer I sent him to this summer got pregnant (damn her!) so I can't send him to my first choice trainer anyway... Either way, he goes under saddle in April!
School is still plugging along, but as I mentioned, the end is in sight.
I am STILL perpetually single as I have no time or energy to devote to a man not named Granite...
Daphne is still my wild woman pup but she is joining me at the horse farm on weekends and is getting along great with the 2 dogs that live a the farm.
I started weight watchers... I am only down 3 pounds, but am eating much better and am jogging with consistency all in an effort to be in shape when Granite goes under saddle.
My best friend and I took an amazing trip to Washington, DC to watch the Washington International Horse Show 2 weeks ago! It was fabulous. I got to watch Margie Engle, Rodrigo Pessoa, and McLain Ward ride in addition to some stellar junior riders. It was an inspiring experience (except when you realize that short of winning the lottery, I will never be able to compete at that level no matter how good I may be...sigh).
Finally the most exciting news- I found a riding instructor. I met with her and told her that I can only afford a lesson every few weeks, then she mentioned some horses she has that need exercise - free of charge (one of which is on the market for $30,000!). I rode him last night for the first time! It was phenomenal (I havent been on a horse in months!). I am in pain today...significant pain.
Well then, I am off to do some school work before my fate is decided by Town Council.
I promise at least a few more updates then I am back to blogging again after graduation (and when I actually have more than lunging and brushing Granite to share with you!)
"jackson" The expensive horsie I got to ride last night at my new instructor's farm!
McLain Ward winning the High Jump at 6feet 10inches
Margie Engle, my childhood idol (ok, she's still my idol...perhaps I drooled a little when I watched her ride-- don't judge me!)
Me and Bestest being giddy school girls at the WIHS! Yours Truly posing in front of the arena the night of the Eq Medal!


  1. Good luck! I think I graduate the day after you, albeit with an undergrad degree.

  2. Hey there good to hear from you! Sounds like things have been busy but going really well with Granite. I think keeping him close by when he starts going undersaddle and keeping costs down is a great idea. That way you're saving your money for his future show career and you can keep a close eye on everything.