Friday, September 10, 2010

Football Funsies and a Slow Recovery

First and foremost: The Gran Man.
I went to check on him Tuesday night. Attitude, eyes, breathing, energy levels all looked good. Still had some snot. The vet recommended (on Tuesday) 5 more days of 2x a day antibiotics. We have seen improvement, but he's STILL not there yet. I've had to work every night since, but got a report that Granite has been enjoying the new crisp morning air and running around and not coughing! Also, I have heard that he has a crusty nose, but not must fresh snot of which to speak. So, I can't wait to assess the situation with my own eyes, but its looking positive at this point (but you never do know with horses, do you?). I will go check him out Saturday evening (which will be the last of his additional 5 days of anitbios.) and I assume we will make a determination as to if he is well or if we need some more vet intervention. Cross your fingers. I am ready for my boy to be well (and to get back on him!).

I have to wait table tonight (ughhh, not getting that job makes for no light at the end of the tunnel-- at least for the foreseeable future). TK coaches his Varsity football team tonight at a home game! His JV team (for which he serves as head coach) won last night for the first time this season! I am so proud and so jealous that I have to be working tonight and not cheering on Western Guilford High School!
But, the exciting news is, if I just make it through 7 more hours of my day today (so depressing after you have already accomplished 7 of them), I get to look forward to tomorrow. I will be packing up and heading out at 9am with TK and his family on their PARTY BUS to go tailgate and watch the Wake Forest v. Duke football game (I am a UNC fan as you may know, so boooo Duke). TK's family wants me to drink the Wake Kool-Aide and become a fan (his parents are Alums) but I'm somehow doubtful. But I subscribe by an "Anybody but Duke" motto and I love football in all varieties (favorite sport next to anything equestrian of course!) so I am pumped for the game on Saturday (and the forecast in the low 80s!).

On Sunday, I get to have a reunion with my 4-H club! YAY! They have asked me to judge Pets and Goats at the Central Carolina Fair as a fundraiser for the club! I haven't been able to help my kids as all in months (since taking the 2nd job) and I was thrilled when I was available for this opportunity. I know virtually nothing about pets and goats, but they assure me that this will not be a problem. It should be interesting and I will try to take some photos of the experience. I promise to report back immediately.

I plan to scoot over and check on the big man after my official judging duties have been fulfilled. I hope to find him WELL....

THEN... its the Regular Season Opening game for my beloved WASHINGTON REDSKINS vs. their arch rival the Dallas Cowboys (ops, I threw up a little in my mouth while typing those words...ugh!). I will be positioned at a bar with my lovely bf, D, and two of my favorite grad school friends an hour before kick-off in order to heckle any Dallas fans who may be nearby. I have already announced my impending tardiness at work on Monday morning (don't ever say that I am not proactive).

So, I hope you all get in muuuch more riding than I will this weekend. But I will be doing one of my second favorite things: enjoying football with my faves (minus my Daddy who is the ultimate football viewing buddy).



  1. Go Steelers, and go "anybody but Dallas"! I hate the Cowboys as well... :)

    Sounds like you have a great weekend planned. I'm a football junkie too, but I have to work tomorrow, so I'll only get to enjoy NFL football on Sunday.

    Glad to hear Granite is doing better!

  2. The game sounds awesome!! I'm a Boise State fan and I get to travel to some of the road games (not VA Tech, sadly). Good times!

    Hope all is well with your boy (Granite, but TK too.)