Friday, October 29, 2010

Ability is of little account without opportunity. ~Napoleon

Good Morning and Happy Friday Blog-land!


I apologize for my long absence! I'm not even sure where to start my re-cap!
Lets start where we left off October 15th and on:

TK and I went on a fabulous trip to Grandfather Mountain, NC on Saturday the 16th and hiked with Daphne for the day then stopped to get fresh apple cider and a pumpkin on the way back home! It was a great great day!

I got to ride 4 times the week of October 17th! It was fabulous.
Eva came out on Sunday and we went for a long run and talked about things such as marriage, families, benefits packages and where our decisions with our horses have fit into it all. Merely years ago, our discussions centered more on graduate programs and how we hated that we couldn't go out as much. Growing up kind of sucks... actually, it really sucks! Taylor Swift was right when she said "stay little"...anyway, off topic.

After our run, Eva and I went riding. Reno did pretty well and so did Granite. We switched horses and that was also a lot of fun. Its so nice to see Granite move under someone else (and a talented rider at that!). Eva was really impressed with Granite and that made me feel like a million dollars (and maybe like its all worth it in the end).

I fed horses for Becky Monday and Tuesday of last week. I love it because she reduces my board and I get to see Granite before and after work! I also managed to squeeze out the last few minutes of daylight on those days for some easy rides. Granite was very forward. I think this was due to the crisp air and the newly constructed baseball fields on the other side of the pasture. I took him for a hack through the pasture and he spooked his brains out. This energy came straight to the arena and he sped around like a demon! But... we worked through it and by the end of both rides, I had a sane and very forward horse! I am so unfamiliar with a spooky or forward Granite.

Because I am greedy and my Thursday Night Work Meeting was Parks & Recreation (and I feel that I should be able to wear jeans and be dirty for a RECREATION meeting), I took the opportunity to recreate after my work day and before my night meeting by riding my pony. He was really sticky in the canter and I was frustrated, but worked through our problems by cutting across the ring and asking for the canter on a bend instead of on the rail. It worked and I felt satisfied on our accomplishment for the day. Its the little things at this point :)

I worked on Friday night (as per usual...HATE this). And on Saturday morning, TK and I headed home to the Outer Banks to visit my folks!!! We took Monday off and spent 3 days at home. I hadn't been home since July and missed it terribly. I got my hair cut by my favorite hairdresser, I had my mom's lasagna, did some serious thrift shopping, had brunch with my high school friend/ college roommate, watched the Redskins win with TK and my Daddy (my hero!), went running down the old dirt road that leads back to my house, had lunch at my favorite Mexican place/ high school hang out, visited my mom's coworkers, got a Halloween costume, then had some of the best sweet tea in the world on the way back here. The ride back is 1,000 times easier with TK and Daphne. I love them both so much and its like my heart is home even when my body isn't. The only thing that would have made for a better weekend would have been if Eva could have come too (I tired to convince her... but she couldn't).

This week was short but has felt so long! I only got to see Granite on Tuesday and didn't get to ride him because I had too much to do at home to catch up. I haven't ridden at all this week! This leads me to strongly consider letting Kansas (see last post) ride him. She offered to hop on him and hack him at a walk and trot for me... I know he needs consistency. I am scared to lessen the bond/communication that he and I have finally developed, but I don't want to do him a dis-justice by not riding enough and with all my work hours, its barely possible to ride more than 3 days a week. What do you think? Ask her to ride him a day or two a week? Or keep trying to make it work for a few more months so that we can continue to develop our under-saddle relationship?

Wednesday was a bad day. TK got into a car accident. A hit-and-run. He is OK, thank god! But his airbags went off (bruising him up) and his car remains in the shop. He called me at 4pm (my office closes at 4:30) and I was the only one in the office and it was monsooning outside! I locked the office and left! It was the scariest drive of my life (30min) because my tires are about 6 months overdue to be changed. They are seriously bald and after SKATING the whole way to get TK, I have made the executive decision to borrow the money to have them changed on Saturday! But I rescued my poor bf, thanked the stars for his safety then upon his request, dropped him off at football practice to coach his JVs...sigh. He has such dedication to those guys. I love him! I had to call in to the restaurant so this gave me 2 hours to hang out with Di-aunt. Watch the Barbaro documentary and eat some Mexican food (my fave, if you haven't noticed).

Then there was yesterday. My work meeting didn't end until 9:30PM but despite the hectic-ness of work (Early Voting at Town Hall....argh!), I had a great day. Why  you ask? Because I got a call for a job interview!!! As a Marketing Specialist for the corporate offices of Goodwill Industries! I'm in love with the job description and it would keep me in Greensboro, but there is no listed salary... so who knows if anything will come of this interview, but its a possibility and an opportunity and I am thrilled! I also heard that a great great job is opening in a nearby city (I could commute) and a friend of mine is in good with the HR director (hopefully getting me an initial interview).

And on more job news... you know I desperately hate my part time job. So, I put some Craig's List ads out and made some phone calls to horsie friends... basically whoring myself out as barn help. I don't need to earn much a week to close the gap (I'm good at being thrifty and am looking at some serious $ saving a few paragraphs) and I know I will be so much more happy at a farm, getting exercise, making some extra dough and expanding my horse contact network! I have gotten 1 response asking me to come out next week (I plan to take TK or a friend for safety purposes). IF I can secure feeding/cleaning at a barn 2-3 nights a week, I can quit my devil job. Cross your fingers for meee!

And in MORE big news. TK and I have decided to move in together. Yes... 6 months is early. But ALL of our friends and family are super supportive. He is currently living at his family's house and its straining their relationship (grown son living at home...yeah, notsomuch) and I am paying a lot for my 1/2 of my apartment! TK and I stay together most nights and do a lot of commuting between our two places (his in the neighboring city---25min). If we share a 1 bedroom or an inexpensive 2 bedroom in a more central location to our jobs (and Di-Aunts where I take Daphne for Daycare every day), I will be saving over $150 a month and be really happy in a home of our own (not sharing with parents or roommates and worrying about disturbing people and letting them know if we are coming home or not etc....). We've been researching for about a month and I have created a fabulous spreeadsheet (very similar to that of you folks picking new barns) of possibilities. TK has a day off of work today and is actually going to check out about 5 places. I am so excited that this could be happening soon! I could be moving in a month! It may be initially expensive, but its going to save me in the long run and save me so much time, gas money, and hassle in coordination! And, I'll get to make a home with Tk and Daphne!

So... thats whats been up in my life. Sorry for all the sparatic, long, recap posts! This weekend will be in Charlotte with Eva and Tk and HIS best friend! YAY! I'm going to be the white rabbit and TK will be the mad hatter! I'm going to squeeze in a ride Saturday morning early! I miss my big grey guy... a lot!

Happy Weekend Ya'll!


  1. You have a lot going on! If you like Kansas as a rider and trust her to do a competent job, I say definitely let her ride Granite. That way he can get out one more time each week, which I would think would reduce stress on you.

    Good luck with the interviews!! It would be great if you found a new job that actually paid your bills (and they're going to be $150 a month less, yay!!)

  2. Wow, sounds like things are going really well for you these days, so happy to hear about everything! I agree with SB, you've seen her ride him and she does a nice job. Have no fear, Granite knows exactly who his mommy is by now. And lest you forget... I am a broken record... don't worry, this will all be worth it. :)

  3. yeah guys, I agree, I think i will try to talk with Kansas next week about riding him 1 day a week for me (for now).

    thanks for the encouragement, reassurance and luck. I love you bloggers!

  4. You have been busy! So happy to hear that Granite and you are enjoying each other. I have my fingers crossed on the job front and congratulations on moving in with TK!!!

  5. Rachel, I so wish my life sounded as fun and entertaining as yours! I get excited to see and new blog post from you because its just always so good :). I agree with everyone about letting Kansas ride Granite. Go for it! I had the same feelings when I started letting Kelsey ride Ella. It was this selfish feeling that was like "I hope Ella still loves ME more and know IM her Mom!" but she does and she hasn't hurt my feelings yet haha. Anyways! Good luck with the interview and everything with the moving process! SO much exciting stuff in your life right now!! :)

  6. Wow, such fun things happening in your life!! :) Enjoy!!
    When I met my BF (now sweet Hubbie) things moved fast for us too, but it all felt right. I don't regret it for one millisecond! I love that he's listed as Granite's Daddy!!!

  7. Exciting stuff happening in your life! Woohoo! Congrats on the job interview. Hopefully you'll be able to quit the demon job soon. I'll be putting in my two weeks pretty soon. Glad to know I'm not the only one that panics about money. Why didn't our parents insist we become biomedical engineers or pharmaceutical reps?

  8. Congrats on the interview. I hope you get both of them!!! I am in a similar situation, well, maybe not. I just took a new job thinking it would be so much better, but I'm absolutely miserable. I feel like I've flip flopped jobs so often for the past year and a half, so frustrating!

    Anyway, I think you and TK moving in together is a logical next step. My husband and I did something similar after our first year, and it was actually a great way to really see how compatable we were. We started off by each having our own bedrooms (to appease his parents) and it worked out great!