Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I know, its been forever...

Well well, I know its been a while. Thankfully I have nothing too overwhelming to say. But no news is good news indeed. Last week I got 3 rides in. All were mediocre (thats a lie, I think Tuesday's was great and Thursday's was crap).

The vet came out last week ($$$) this time just for routine shots. But, I had his do an examination (lungs, nose, etc) just to make sure that Granite was completely healed. Reno has some residual snot and I heard Granite cough early last week. The vet gave him the all clear (and a handful of shots), the vet gave me a $150 bill. Blah! The farrier also came out. I LOVE my superfarrier. He said Granite's special hoof is looking great. There was also much less cracking as I have been applying pine tar to his hooves 3 times a week as instructed at our last farrier visit (the one where he had lost both shoes and his feet looked like hell). Granite did try to kick the superfarrier-- I was unpleased, so was Superfarrier. So Granite got nice new shoes (size 2 Light! yay for bigger hoofies), and momma got a $55 bill. Blah! THEN, Becky let me know that I owed her $155 for all of his meds over the course of the last month through his illness. So including board, Granite has cost me an arm and a leg this month and if he keeps it up he will cost me my sanity as well!

This weekend I brought TK out to the barn with me. Hes such a sport. He sits in the arena with Daphne and watches me and Granite do our thing (which is incredibly boring to a non-horse person bc all we do is walk and trot and turn and do more transitions-- nothing exciting or show stopping). This time, I threw him the camera to keep him entertained. And as a result, I share with you: new photos! The photos are from my ride Saturday. It wasn't great. Granite is chewing his bit non stop and really grabbing his mouth and head away from me and hollowing his back. I tried a new bit on Sunday and put him in the round pen under side reins and put him through his paces. About 1/3 of the way through the session he really started to soften and give! By the end of the work, he even stretched down a few times for me! I need to re-incorporate some on-the-ground work and see if it translates some of the softness to our under-saddle sessions.

Tacking Up (do you see how BIG he has gotten??)

 Not a great ride. Lots of bit chewing and back-hollowing.

 Sloppy hands on my part (trying to rectify the back hollowing/bit chewing)-- but lovely trot.

Me and My kids. 

<3 my family.

Well, thats really about all folks. I fed horses for the BO yesterday and didn't have time to ride, but plan to saddle up tonight!


  1. I'm glad you're doing well! Granite does look huge, but super cute too. :)

  2. They always grow more when they are in work! He's going to be a big dude! I'd forget about his head and work on sending him forward. All the chewing and hollowness could come from him being confused and too young and uncoordinated to really hold himself in a frame. Just my $.02 (for what it's worth, which isn't much!).

  3. Well Hi again!
    I like your new look( may be old, I've been away)
    The descriptions of Granite's cast members is great!

    He is getting big! Look at him.
    Yea, the vet/shoer bills, for my last 2 mo of summer, totalled almost 2 mo of board!

    Loved that TK came out with you...my man said he's come out soon to my new place...that should render somre similar shots!
    Hope you have a fab ride Tonight!

  4. Granite is getting huge! I'm glad he's staying healthy and you're getting in some great rides. The weather has been great for riding!

  5. Your vet bill isn't so bad. It cost me $107 just for fall shots and a coggins a couple weeks ago. I can't imagine what an extra exam would have been.

    The rest sucks, though. Yikes. Maybe you can win the lottery?

  6. Yea for a growing big beautiful boy. Boo on the money for tack stealing vets (j/k sorta).
    Granite's trot looks so nice and extended to me!

  7. Well, bad news comes in 3's, so with your vet, farrier and meds bills you are done for a while! Glad that handsome Granite is well.

  8. Hi, I was googling Skipa Lucky Spring because I recently found out he had passed. And I just thought you might find it interesting to see one of his half brothers :)

    Its a shame he has passed. I'd kill for another of his offspring.

    Anyway, my baby is Slik
    or lucky silver king and you can find me on myspace or facebook to see em' :)

  9. What a beautiful horse!

    Guess what? My mom person & I have created a new blog at www.PetBlogsUnited.com.

    We'd love it if you would come over and check it out & become a member. It's a great new place for pet bloggers to find each other, and get an opportunity to be a featured blog!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  10. What a big pretty boy! I'm thrilled you stumbled across my blog so I could find out about yours. I'll have to start from the beginning.

    Happy trails!

  11. Thanks for all the compliments on how the big guy is looking :) Means a lot to know that the goofy yearling I bought is coming into his own!

    Kaitlin: I'd love to see photos of his sibling! Can't seem to find you on FB and I don't use myspace :( Feel free to find me Rachel Hawley

    MountainChicken: I am loving your blog. Glad to have you along over here also!