Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pretty (dirty) Boy

 Look how bright is was when I got to the barn AFTER work!
And in one month its going to be brighterrrr! I have spring fever and it's only February!

I rode bareback on Wednesday and concentrated on lots of collecting and lateral work at the walk and trot.
Tonight I tacked up and we did some walk to canters (yes that happened... like 3 times), we cantered over a cross rail and we did some stretchy trot.

I also got the chance to take some "confirmation" shots of the big guy. D kindly pointed out that he is orange and not grey, but we don't have hot water, so G doesn't get a bath until it is really spring time!

What do I see? I see that he needs more of a top line, lots more rear-end and he almost looks long backed in the shot... thoughts? He has gained his weight back though. I'm pretty happy with it right now.

This saddle you see? That's the one my lovely boyfriend got for me for Christmas. Your boyfriend got you an ancient, cheap, old-school saddle you ask? Well, it's my sentimental saddle! I've had this thing since middle school and have sold it TWICE, bought it back once, and then my TK bought it back for me again for Christmas. It doesn't fit me or Granite all that well (as I re-discovered tonight), but one day it'll just be decoration in my house. For now, it's nice to have a back-up/extra saddle. 

Granite was a pretty good boy. He makes the end to any work day so much nicer! Let's hope all goes as planned for the weekend and I get to see Jen and ride with Heather! Fingers Crossed!


  1. Well I think he is just super adorable. Do you think he might be growing again? My boy (who I think is the same age? He's 5 this year) is still growing and sometimes still hits the mild "gangly" stage, and then bounces back.

  2. Very likely. He dropped a bunch of weight about 3 weeks ago and we've been working him up to more grain and hay and he's just now got the weight. My farrier and trainer both told me last month they thought he was about to hit a growth spurt.

  3. Granite looks absolutely adorable :) Good luck for the weekend

  4. The saddle looks so small on him.

  5. Hey he is kind of a giaganor and its an old-school hunter saddle with NO frills (as in knee rolls or blocks). I much prefer our more cushy saddle and I like to think he doesnt looks so silly in it.

  6. Love your horse!! wish my horse had the growth spurt weight loss excuse! hahaha... Sadly he's just got the "winter blues" excuse for loss of weight/muscle, boo!! But grass will hopefully show up soon???

  7. Aw. As if TK wasn't awesome enough to begin with, he did that. So cool.