Monday, February 6, 2012

Longer Days, More Rides

That's the gist of it! The days are getting longer and when I'm not tied up late at work, I get to ride! The week before last, I logged 5 rides and 5 trips to the gym! Last week I was bogged down at the office but still logged 3 rides and a whopping 1 trip to the gym.

Since our first lesson with Heather last month, we've been trying to work on exercises to increase Granite's hind quarter strength. Heather told me to try to ride him from his butt (channel my lower level dressage days). She also has us trotting, one walk stride, trotting to try to help him not dive into his downward transitions. We've been working laterally into corners when we ride the diagonal to change direction. She also pointed out my weakness in my left hand that is causing weakness throughout my horse's left side (major fail on my part). So, I've been doing extra reps at the gym on my left arm and consciously exaggerating my left hand to keep it UP when I'm riding. I've also been working disproportionately to the left during my rides to help Granite gain the strength that I've screwed him out of.

But, it's been a month since our last lesson and, if you refer to our 2012 goals tab, you'll remember that we are to take at least 1 lesson a month. So, I had one scheduled for last Saturday, but as luck would have it, it rained. Never fear, it was still a horse-centric weekend. Our vet office hosted their annual "Winter Horse Health Seminar." My barn owner and I went and we got to hear two veterinary professors (from V Tech) speak. The first was about diagnosing lameness and regenerative therapy and the second was about tick borne diseases and herpes. Both really interesting topics, the second was pretty scary since many are diseases against which our horses cannot be vaccinated nor shielded. But, it is nice to get my brain working again as it pertains to equines!

My lovely bff came to see my Saturday evening and we had wine and laughs Saturday night then breakfast and visit to the barn on Sunday morning. It was raining again, but she got to visit Granite and we measured the beast, he came in at about 16.25-16.3ish. He was covered in mud, but so sweet.

I worked late tonight (14 hour day) and I work late tomorrow, but mother nature willing, I will get to ride from Wednesday until next weekend. AND, next Saturday is my rescheduled lesson! Best thing, Jen may be able to come watch! So excited!

Another fun tidbit, Granite's very first baby trainer (before he was under tack) messaged me today to ask about the boy. How sweet?! I told her (touch wood) that Granite is coming along nicely, has been staying healthy, and I am really enjoying him. I am so very lucky. I love my job, my boyfriend is always amazing, my new apartment and new city are treating me well, my bff is close by, and the critters are (currently) healthy and happy. So blessed.

Lastly, two of my lovely blog sisters have given my (sadly neglected) blog an award! I feel honored <3
Nicku at The Polka Dot Periodical 
Shelley at Diary of a Hunter Princess
Thank you ladies!

Here goes:
Official Rules of the Liebster Blog Award:
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Five of my favorite blogs are as follows:
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  1. Glad your back and posting again .. love Granite! :)

  2. Granite is such a big boy! Glad you are riding and having fun. :)

  3. Thanks Sprinks. I'm hoping your sweet mareface is feeling better soon!

  4. What a GORGEOUS gray you have! And such a fitting name! (I'm more than partial to a tall, warmblood grey!) You have such a beautiful header photo in your blog! What are your graduate studies in? So nice to find your blog- happy to become your newest follower :)


  5. Welcome Corinna! I studies Public Administration (Local Gov't Management). I finished up in the winter of 2009,so my blog has evolved with me and Granite. He is turning 5 in April and I have a full time job in my career field. I hope you get to know and love Granite through the blog. He is quite an endearing character.