Friday, June 4, 2010

Happy Friday

After a generally annoying week in my life, it is finally friday! And the better news? Becky emailed me last night to tell me that she actually can't ride Granite this afternoon, so I could go for it! So, its Friday AND I get to ride Granite. Then? Its date night (I think we are on number 8 or 9 now). Apparently I'm being taken to dinner. And I am sooo OK with that :)
Date (TK) didn't get to meet Granite Tuesday night. I know you were all waiting for an update and I hate to disapoint, but I was just too exhausted and his errands and mine just weren't jiving enought to make a Granite and TK meeting happen. Granite isn't going anywhere however, so I am unconcerned. If he passed the Daphne dog test, then Granite will be a breeze. The G man likes everyone! Expecially if there are peppermints involved...
So happy weekend to all. I wish I could promise pictures, but I still haven't located my camera. So,  you will have to settle for a detailed account for my next post.


  1. It's nice to read about someone else following the journey of their horse through all the training milestones. Great looking guy!

  2. I'm excited to hear about your Granite ride AND your date :) Have fun!!

  3. Hope you enjoy your ride!

  4. TGIF! Hope you had a great date and nice dinner.