Sunday, June 13, 2010

So THIS is what a day off feels like???

I'm sitting on the couch, drinking my second cup of coffee and watching CBS's Sunday morning.


What isnt amazing is the list of crap I NEED to be accomplishing today when I really just want to plant myself by the pool on this first day off in 14. You know, the usual is on the docket: laundry, change bed sheets, clean bathroom, vacuum, grocery shop, apply for some jobs, ride the pony, run a few miles, meet my friends for dinner... Where is the pool time?

Anyway, I know you all live very similar lives, so I will spare you more bitching.

Thursday was date night (I love date nights). I couldn't ride Granite because Becky got to him first. So I groomed the boy and when TK got there I had a clean pony. The meeting was rather uneventful. TK wasn't scared but I'm not sure he knew how to react around horses either. When I put Granite out in the pasture TK touched the electric fence at least 3 times. Haha. It wasn't on strong, but it was pretty funny watching my city boy look so confused as to why this fence was hurting him. Sigh. A cowboy he is not! But he is very supportive and I like it. I like him.

I rode Granite yesterday. He was really really good. We had some issues getting a trot at the start. It was very resistant like when your horse has to poop and wants to stop... yeah, like that. But he got over his shenanigans rather quickly and we had a really pleasant ride. I love riding that horse.

Speaking of riding. I think I might try to take a "mental health" day on Tuesday. I'm scheduled 68 hours next week but have Tuesday night off. If I took a sick day, perhaps I could pump myself up to get through next week. If I do decide to take the day off of my day job, D and I will go trail riding!!! I haven't ridden Karma in ages nor have I been on a trail ride. I also am honest to a fault and am not sure I can pull off asking for a sick day without being legitimately sick. Then again, with these hours, I will be legitimately sick before too long...


  1. Sounds like you deserve a day off, sick or not! I hope you and D have a wonderful ride ( :

  2. Yes, take your "mental health" day. You crazy workin' girl!!!

    I'm glad you had a nice ride on your boy!!

  3. 68-hour work week??!!! Holy crap. You deserve a break!!

  4. Saw on fbook that you ended up taking the mental health day -- good for you! Everyone needs one now and then, there's no shame in it! And you certainly work hard enough the rest of the week! Glad to hear you are still loving riding Granite. So fun!