Monday, June 7, 2010

Quick Update tell you all just a couple of things.

A.) I rode Granite yesterday afternoon. He was great. I am noticing that his right side is his weak side. He tries to be a bit naughty about bending to the direction and sometimes twists his head a bit to avoid pressure. But his forwardness is getting better and he is carrying himself really lovely. I am so proud. I feel like I could take him in a walk/trot class at a schooling show tomorrow and place :) No kidding! I am so proud and its still so unreal to go out to the barn and ride!

B.) I hate hate hate hate my 2nd job. The cooks are really mean spirited people. I hate the long hours on my feet and the rushing rushing. Mostly, I am not emotionally equipped to handle jobs like that. Having to have my 'game face' on non-stop doesnt sit well with me (have a mentioned that I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder? -- no fun, but I generally know how to deal with it). I have nightmares about work and I spend my entire days dreading about when I have to work next. The money is much better than anticipated and I have enjoyed less stress in regards to bills, but I am loosing it as far as emotional (and physical) well being. I am scheduled to work a grand total of 65 hours this week, and Sunday the 13th will be my first day off in 14 days. I am a pretty tough cookie for the most part, and its not so much the hours I am having to pull, but the waiting tables in general that is killing me. I won't get to see Granite until Thursday :( Sorry for the complaints.

C.) The best news! I just got an email from Becky. Granite cantered today! Several times around the arena in both directions! She thanked me for letting her work with him and told me that I have a really "nice quality horse" on my hands!!! I am such a proud momma! I can't wait to see it. She says his collection and forwardness continue to improve and his leg yields are coming along! I am so proud and excited. I waited for so long and now he is progressing so fast. Yay for Graf Granite <3


  1. Is there anywhere else you can get another job? I hate that you hate it :( Sometimes it's just not worth it, ya know?

    It is so exciting hearing your updates on Granite! We can hear and feel your excitement in your writing too! So fun! Take some videos if you can! We would *love* to see them!

    p.s. how is Reno doing??

  2. I think I'm going to have to look for a new full time job that can support me ultimately. Which kind of sucks with the timing bc I've just started to really get to know this new fella... But thats life.

    I lost my camera!!! Maybe I should work long enough to afford a new one. Its so crazy bc its very unlike me to loose stuff like that! I barely had it for 2 weeks!

    Reno is doing really well. Eva doesnt know if she will continue her blog or not (no idea why). But She rode Reno and she was very impressed. He is also cantering now. Shes going to keep him with Becky for another month but has found an awesome little co-op farm with a stall and a dressage arena (mirrors and sound system included) and people our age. So shes pretty excited about that.

  3. Seriously, get a different job. Waiting tables is the absolute WORST!!! It's not worth the stress. See if you can get a part time barn job (I know they're hard to come by), bookstores, filing - - - anything is better than waiting tabels, I think. Sorry it's so sucky!!

  4. Thanks for the inspiration. Maybe I can do some hunting for a barn gig. Its just they usually pay so little and take sooo long (Ive done that before). But I forgot how much waiting tables truly messes with my emotional well being. the horribleness extends too far past the walls of the establishment.

  5. Try some carrot stretches in both directions - that will help with his bad side - good motivation to stretch out!

  6. I think a new full time job would totally be worth it. Life is too short to be miserable in a job. And if you don't have to relocate, wouldnt the "fella" still be around??

    Sad to hear Eva doesn't know if she is gonna continue her blog, I was enjoying reading it and Reno is so stinkin cute!! sad day :(

  7. Ugh, Miles does that weird neck thing to the right as well. Drives me bonkers:)
    So sorry about your job. There really is nothing worse than a job that causes that kind of anxiety, especially b/c we spend so many hours there! I hope you either find something else soon, or the job gets less stressful for you. Anxiety sucks-I know.
    Congrats on your awesome gray pony though...he sounds like a gem!

  8. Money might be good with two jobs, but if your health is suffering it's not worth it! You probably have a network of contacts, even through riding and 4H, that you can tap into to help find a full time job that will allow you to have balance in your life. I have my fingers crossed that your job situation works out for you and allows you to spend more time riding beautiful Granite!

  9. Wow, all the progress you guys are making sounds amazing! I must admit that I'm a tad jealous that he takes everything in stride so fast, what a good boy! I guess that's what I get for getting a TB though right?

    About the job, I know it sucks, but is there any way you can psych yourself up about it? When I get stuck doing particularly unpleasant things I always end up having to put forth my 'personal best' - trying to do it super well because I know I can. Then I'm proud of myself at the end of the day rather than frazzled and grumpy. Just an idea :]

  10. Kate: Thanks for the suggestion. I will have to give it a try :)

    Ashley: I am applying for a few but nothing closer than an hour away. So the fella would become long distance, and considering we are not yet in a "relationship" the distance dating may be challenging. But as you know, government isnt speedy-- so even if I got one of the jobs, it could be a while.

    Miles: Glad someone else has that problem (the neck thing AND the anxiety). Granite makes me so happy tho. How cool that his trainer/BO emails to keep me updated when she knows I am stuck at the office or at the HORRIBLE second job.

    Wolfie: I do need to put out my feelers for a barn job. I just have had a few negative experiences where the pay hashes out to like 5 bucks an hour to work like a slave... But at least it would be with horses! So, pros and cons there.

    Tangerine: Welcome! and I totally love your blog. Will be following more regularly (especially when my life slows down--if ever). Thanks for your advice. Attitude really is everything and after reading your comment this morning, I've been trying to pep up and psych myself up to get through today! THanks!