Monday, November 15, 2010

A mixed bag.

Well.... This past week has been interesting. Good and bad.

TK and I went to our new apt. complex on Monday only to be treated poorly and to discover that the unit we wanted had been previously leased but it wasn't properly noted. We left disappointed and upset but after reevaluating decided that we would give them another shot (only meeting with the woman who originally showed us around).

I gave up a second day of riding on Tuesday to go back to the apt complex. It was a much more favorable experience and we applied and were accepted for a 768sq foot 3rd floor 1 bedroom apartment. We move in the day after Christmas (and the day before TK's birthday). We are thrilled!

I had Veteran's Day off. I slept in a bit before heading over to the barn for a farrier appointment. His "special fin" is looking good and the farrier seemed pleased. I rode him and he was great. He was very forward and responsive. I spent 4 hours at the farm cleaning tack, grazing my boy, riding and whatnot. We also have FOUR new horses at the barn. Reno left on Thursday :( and was replaced by 2 QHs, 1 Cremello Paint and an Appendix. Unfortunately with new horses come people and their children. I am not a fan. The barn is my quiet place. My happy quiet place where I want to be left alone to be with Granite, not make small talk and try to ignore children. Oh well, I guess 1.5 years of quiet was enough. Hopefully it won't be too much of an adjustment.

I worked at the Restaurant on Friday. I was supposed to be the last server off (of 5) and at 7PM on a Friday night the manager told me that the owner changed me to first off and that I could go home. At 7PM on a FRIDAY NIGHT! I made $30 and was pissed. I was scheduled to work this Wednesday as well, but they can forget about it. I gave a two weeks notice and tried to be the bigger person here, but clearly they had to have the last laugh. I'll gladly drop off my apron this week and tell them to forget Wednesday! Then on the way home Friday night, I ran over a bunny! I had wine as a result and TK brought home a dozen roses to make me feel better. He is such a knight.
Saturday was fantastic! My roommate was out of Town and so was TK. This left me with a whole day in my apartment to myself to do a big cleaning. I did a billion loads of laundry and cleaned and dusted and organized. It was great! I feel so peaceful when everything is tidy and I know my chores are caught up. I got in a run on Saturday then went out with two of my favorite girlfriends that night. It was a really productive and nice day all around.

Sunday morning was a lazy coffee morning with my friend Jordan who stayed the night. We chatted and relaxed until TK got home. Then TK and I headed to the barn and to run some errands. We spent the evening with his family and had another super-relaxing day! I was feeling so peaceful.

And then... today happened. Its Monday. I am busy. But, my mind is completely pre-occupied with drama. Scary and potentially expensive drama. As I may have mentioned. Daphne ate some carpet in my current bedroom. Its at most 3ftx2ft. Its by the door because she escaped from her kennel one day and because of her separation anxiety, she tried to escape. Thankfully she didn't damage the door. Anyhoo-- as I have signed a "roommate release" so that my roommate can take over our whole lease and I can be released to leave at the end of December. I also wanted to get the carpet damaged repaired and paid for so that everything would be cleanly separated for me to begin leasing at another location. I notified the office staff and they had their maintenance staff examine the damage. I received a follow-up email today alterting me that they "don't do partial replacements" and will have to replace the ENTIRE unit! They seem to expect me to pay for "furniture removal" (since my roommie is clearly staying there for at least another 6 months and has her furnishings in place) and for carpet (which they claim has 2.5 years remaining on it) and installation. This is completely asinine to me. How on earth is it logical to tell me that I have to replace an entire apartment with carpet when there was only damage done to one 1/2 of one room (because a seam separates 1/2 of the room from the damaged portion). Has anyone had experience with this? I told them that I was obligated to at most pay for replacement of the entire bedroom and associated installation fees but would not be willing to pay for anything else. I know they've probably protected themselves in the lease (which I need to dig up and review tonight). But I would rather pay an attorney to review this for me than to let them win. First because I can't afford to carpet an entire apartment (last time this happened it cost me $185, so I allocated $300 for this instance) and second because my principals tell me that they are trying to do what they had to do anyways on my dime and it is an injustice! And now I'm crying at work.... fabulous.

Sorry for the rant.


  1. Aw, don't cry, we'll figure it out. I just sent an email to your gmail.

    I don't know how you get done all that you do in a day. Where are you finding all this energy? You are making me feel old and decrepid.

  2. Oh no! I am an assistant manager at an apartment community, so hopefully I can help. The best thing for you to do is calmly speak with your property manager about your situation. That can work if a resident has always paid in a timely manner and has been good.

    Also, read through your lease and check any addendums. Did you sign a pet agreement and pay a pet deposit? Try and see if this policy is in writing. If not, then see about getting your own carpet installer to do the partial carpet replacement. The company that your apt. complex uses may not, but that doesn't mean there aren't others out there that do.


  3. Marissa- Now that I only have 1 job... I feel like I have all of the time in the world :)

    JJ-- Thanks for the advice. I have tried not to be a bitch about this. I know its not the ladies'in the office's fault, but it seems to be completely wrong to try to do that. I am going to track down my lease tonight! I did pay a pet deposit but no Security Deposit. They say that they can't do partial replacement because of matching the carpet.... I really don't by it. I have tried to be firm and polite in my email transactions with the office but I refuse for them to think I am OK with being charged for that! ahhhhh. Its so frustrating (and scary bc I seriously dont have the $$ AND just quit the 2nd job). Oh life...

  4. Leasing offices are the WORST. Wishing you the best of luck. You know, Marissa is an attorney maybe she can figure out a way to get you out of it :P J/K!

  5. Nicku,
    It makes me so nervous to move into my next place. I wish my dog weren't psycho, but I modify her arrangements every time she out-smarts me; and I try my best to simply not leave her alone (enter 'daycare') because of her issues and that fact that I rent... I can't wait until I am in a position to buy so that I can replace what I want and when! :(

  6. Leasing offices are the WORST- 100% agree w/ Nicku. I legit went off the deepend on my last apartment. I get mad again just thinking about it!!!

    Does your pet deposit not cover ANY of the damage? What is their reasoning for not just replacing the one room? That is such BS. Your carpet must be extremely odd colored for them not to be able to match it ;). Ugh- such jerks!

  7. Ashley-
    Its so frustrating especially when I just wanted to be honest and upfront. I'm doing a bunch of research too and finding lots of similar situations but not much in the line of solutions (most suggest small claims court).

    I did have the pet deposit and I dont think it covers anything. My renters insurance doesnt either! And if off-white is considered "odd colored".... My only thought is that it messes up their prorate calculations if they do partial replacement. But in my previous apt, they replaced just my room! I am so frustrated and mainly scared. Wish I could buy!!!

  8. Do u have renters insurance...if so, would that cover this?! Seems like such crap but I have been in your shoes!
    My old pet bunny ate up my bedroom carpet and I had to pay for new carpet in the entire unit unit was 2000 sq feet!!!! OUCH. This was after a week with NO heat, zero, in the dead of winter where I slept in all my clothes under the covers with my bunny so he didnt freeze! lol!!