Monday, November 8, 2010

Sunshine and Gleefulness

Oh yes, you read it right. This Negative Nancy is turning things around! I have lots of good news and photos to show you.

Where to start?

How about I start with last week. I asked Kansas to begin riding Granite once a week. This is tough for me and I am nervous but it frees me up a little and insures that the big man gets more time under saddle. She is now riding on wednesdays and she rode for the first time last week. She said he was fairly good, so thats a start.

I only got two rides in last week myself but they were really good. Marissa is always right when she tells me just to keep going forward and working through issues without overthinking them. He has already improved in ducking below the bit. I just keep asking him to go forward and leaving his head alone and he seems to work out the issues independently. I am so proud of him, I just have to learn not to harp on the small stuff just yet. We are getting more canter transitions and more flexibility in lateral movement and tempo at the trot. I feel like Granite is figuring out where his hooves belong and how to user his big body and muscles.

I rode Saturday morning and was rudely reminded that winter is almost here! It was 41 degrees at 8:30am when I drug my lovely bf and puppy to the barn with me. Granite was great. TK played photog and I have lots of photos to share with you as a result! I love looking at them and comparing them to the photos taken in early summer. There is so much improvement! YAY!

Want to hear some of the best news? In less than two weeks I will have my choice of 4 weekday evening during which to ride my horse every week! Why is that??? Because on Friday, I gave my 2 weeks notice at the Restaurant! I am sooo thrilled. That place was slowly killing my spirit. I am moving soon which will save me quite a bit of money and I've made some contacts asking if anyone knows of someone needing barn sitting etc, but the solidifying factor in quitting now was that TK's mom's "cleaning lady" recently had surgery and is out for a few months. TK's mom has offered me $100 each day to clean her house two times a month. This was JUST enough to get me by at least until I move! I started on Saturday and although its a relatively awkward situation, me cleaning my bf's parent's house, it isnt waiting tables. I get to bring Daphne with me and I get cash for only 2 days of work a month! I get my week day evenings back and escape the stress of waiting tables! WAHOOOOOOOOO. I feel like a have a new lease on life now that I know the light at the end of that tunnel is quickly approaching!

Speaking of Leases.... TK and I spent all day Saturday searching for a new place to call home. By moving into a 1 bedroom apartment, he is getting out of his parent's house and I am saving money (enough to quit!) and gaining so much time to be with my horse! We found a great place that is close to Di-Aunts (where I drop the pup daily... so it will save me time and gas money too). Its inexpensive and safe and the floor plan is 780sq feet. We are going to turn our applications in after work TODAY! If everything goes as planned, we hope to have a moving date of January 1, 2011 :)

In other news, I had an interview last week. It was really promising although I haven't heard anything about a second interview yet. I also applied for a position with another municipality. I haven't heard from them yet, but I am hoping to secure an interview since I have a friend who knows the HR director. I still have many hurtles to conquer and money is still a big issue, but TK and I (and Granite and Daphne) seem to finally be moving in a positive direction. I am freeing myself up to be with my horse and save time and money and energy. If I get a new and more challenging and rewarding job, I will be on cloud 1,000 :)

Enjoy some Photos :) I enjoyed the ride during which they were taken.

(TK and the Coon Hound puppy that he wants and CANNOT keep...Daphne being jealous)


  1. You are doing so well! Granite looks fabulous--fairly forward, nose ahead of the vertical. Couldn't ask for more from a 3 year old!

    Cleaning is not my favorite thing ever, but it's way, way better than waiting tables. I'm so happy for you. Best of luck!

  2. Thanks Sprinks! Its normally 2 steps forward, one step back with Granite but he is progressing and I was really impressed with the photographic evidence!

    Cleaning is def difficult and time consuming but the flexibility and informal nature of this gig make it soooo much better than any alternative!

  3. Granite is so friggin adorable!! Thank you for posting those photos! :-) He looks much improved, too! That is so awesome that things are working out for youu - it has GOT to be a big weight off your back!

  4. Karen: Thanks! He really is just too cute! I was showing the photos to some family this weekend and I literally said "he's so damn gorgeous, I can't believe he is mine!".

    Oh you have no idea how light my 'back' feels right now! I feel so happy and free just knowing that I only have to wait tables a few more times!!!

  5. I love ALL of this!! I literally feel happy knowing everything is looking better for you! :) I hope things continue to look up and the job opportunity keeps looking better and better! Woohoo for the good times!!

    The pics of Granite are great. TK needs to keep comin around so we can keep seein the big man improve under saddle! When I (haha its like opposite with me and you- you teach Granite, Ella teaches me HAHA) was learning to ask Ella to be on the bit my trainer kept telling me "make her go forward make her go forward" and she would keep telling me this because she said the slower they go, the harder it is for them to collect. Sooo that makes total sense for Granite to be improving since you are keeping him forward :). Anyways I just love him!

    Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog the other day! You are great :)

  6. Oh yea yea yea!!! TK is a smart man by going to the barn and taking it! LOVE that last pic of u and granite..ur smiles says it all and he's looking awesome!

  7. I love the pictures! Granite looks fantastic and I can tell from your smile in the last picture that you're enjoying yourself! :)

    Glad to hear things in the non-horsey department are working out too. It can make such a huge difference in your life.

  8. Granite is looking great! I love his blue polo wraps too. :)

  9. You guys look WONDERFUL! He's a young boy and still has so much growing up to do, so the fact that he's being so good right now is awesome :) And hurray for money-saving changes!

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  11. Yay! No more waiting tables! Man I hated that gig, and I know you did too. So nice of TK's parents to help you make it through the next month too. They sound like a great family!

    And the pics of your boy are FANTASTIC! He is totally progressing and I know it's slow going and some days are better than others, but you can definitely see now what a cute little hunter he's going to be. Just wait til you start jumping!! Give him kisses for me... he's fabulous.