Monday, November 1, 2010

A testament to Granite's personality....

Grace and Baby Granite

Granite's Mother, Grace, is for sale. I have kept in relative contact with the owner/breeder from whom I bought Granite (who currently still have his dam). She emailed me this weekend asking if I would be willing to write her a short testimonial about Granite and his personality for her to use in Grace's sale ad. This is tough! I can go on and on about how great Granite is, but when I try to write a sentence or two to sum up his personality (that don't involve the words "dude" or "stoner"), I hit a road block. You all practically know my guy.... any suggestions??? And anyone want a rock solid Hannoverian Certified Broodmare?? Shes a peach and makes babies like Granite :)


  1. Ok, I die over baby pictures! But focus...
    I would say your Gem of a Boy, is the definition of a true dream horse (but we all would say that of our babies,'s ok to gloat).
    He has a true Jock personality? Athletic, focused yet casually competitive?
    I hope Grace gets to a great home.

  2. Calm, inquisitive, patient and bright. Displayed exceptional trainability from Day 1. One of a kind dream horse to start under saddle with an adult amateur owner.

  3. Sweet and willing!

  4. Naturally calm, and athletic. Easy to train and a joy to own!

  5. Granite i a 2007 Appendix/Hanovarian. He will likely mature to 16._ (?). He has great conformation, an excellent mind, and a sweet and loving personality. He is a 10+ mover and has been very quiet and easy to work with from the start for his adult amateur owner.