Thursday, January 5, 2012

Let there be photos... 1st ride of 2012

Well, good news. TK got a camera for Christmas. Considering the Mr. Gran Man has personally broken 2 cameras and my purse did Tyler's previous one in, it was much needed. I even dragged his butt out to the barn on Monday to take a few photos!

Nothing too impressive, but here are some photos!

I've found that lunging with sidereins for about 15 minutes before my ride helps 
Granite to warm up and work the kinks out before I get on and we just get in an argument.

It's mildly depressing to see how quiet he goes in the sidereins verses reins in my hands. 
I guess my hands are not nearly as quiet as I would like to believe. 

 Lazy, sweet boy. 

It was a less than mediocre ride, but I can't blame poor Granite. Between the holidays, traveling, 
and the lack of sunlight, lights, or an indoor, he was only ridden about 4 times in December. 

 Barn Owner's husband did give me a Christmas present... JUMPS! He had a bunch stashed in the barn loft and a few weeks ago he asked if I would like some... uh, YEAH!

Lesson is Saturday... nervous and so excited! Because the trainer is at our barn at least twice a week and has barn-sat for our Barn Owner a few time, she knows Granite and rumor has it that she can't wait to see him go and to get on him. I just hope she isn't sorely disappointed. 


  1. Hooray for new jumps :) and new camera. Looks like this year is looking up! I totally notice the same thing about the side reins for pretty much every horse that I've ever used them on. Sometimes I pretend that my hands are locked, like the side reins are, which just means focusing on that a lot and sometimes it helps and sometimes it doesn't... Good luck with that :)

  2. Hooray jumps!! Looking forward to the lesson.