Thursday, January 19, 2012

Week Night Ride!

Yes my friends, its Thursday night and I worked a full day and still managed to ride after work (without the help of lights or an indoor). So it was only a 20 minute ride, but it was a ride! Best of all, the big guy was so good. I think I was just so happy to end my work day on this sweet boy's back that he knew it had to be a good ride.

In other news, I shocked the sh** out of myself when I hit the cow fence on the back side of the pasture trying to pet a REALLY CUTE donkey that lives with the cows to the back of our barn's property. I wonder if my barn owner would charge me the same amount for board if I got a donkey?? Jussst kidding....


  1. I love the picture! Granite is so fancy. :)

  2. Awesome! He looks great too! I was supposed to have a lesson last night but it got canceled! Evidently -40 is too cold to ride.... who knew?

  3. @Alanna- Thanks! He's actually quite the opposite of Fancy in real life, but I'm totally ok with him looking like he is!

    @GPG-- Holy Crap!

  4. Granite looks awesome!! So grown up and handsome.

    Those fences are wicked...

  5. He is so gorgeous!! Check out the award I've given you on my blog :-)