Friday, August 20, 2010

Don't forget about me kids!

I've been totally MIA from both the horse and the canine. I told you that I skipped riding this weekend because of loose shoes. Well, the shoes both popped off by Tuesday. The shoes took a lot of hoof and while he was sound, his momma was concerned. My (wonderful) farrier was scheduled for Wednesday, so I held my cookies and waited. Of course when he saw Granite he said that I could have called him. But, my horse was sound and I was incredibly busy anyway-- so a few days sans shoes was ok.

Despite the loss of lots of hoof and some pretty gnarly looking hoofies, The farrier gave Granite a thumbs up. He used all 8 nails this time and told me to put pine tar on his hooves two-three times a week to lock in some moisture. Granite also moved up a shoe size. This made the farrier really happy because of our upright hoof and the fact that my boy is big and has gotten much more solid since he began undersaddle work (and eating the green green grass).

So, I got to visit Granite on Sunday and Tuesday and Wednesday. But now my good friend from Colorado is in town for a few days. She stayed with me wednesday night and yesterday I went to meet up with her and another friend after work. And this weekend, we are heading to the beach. Now I have no money and no free time. I took off waiting-tables-work to be with her this week (so, even less $). The whole beach trip stresses me out. But I only get to see her once a year and she did buy the plane ticket. So, Granite will have to get over a lack of mommy time. I did beg Aunt Eva and our friend Jenn (both exceptional horse women) to hop on him in my absence. Hopefully at least one of them will take him for a walk (maybe trot) hack. He just needs to get out. Its been almost two weeks!

In other news. I had to call in sick to work on Monday. I woke up to my eyes almost swollen shut. It was so awkward. It has happened once before and the doctors said it was some sort of allergic reaction. It went away by evening time on both occasions. But one can't go out in public with eyes swollen nearly shut. EWWW.

Tuesday was my job interview, and thankfully my eyes were of normal proportion. I went to the town (about an hour east of here) and hung out for a few hours. I wanted to get a better feel for the place. I sat in a coffee shop for a while and reviewed my materials (I prepped for this for days! I had packets to give the interview panel- of 5 people- and had studied a lot). The interview went pretty well, but unfortunately, I didn't get a very positive vibe about it. They told me when I would know if I made it to the second round. They also told me the dates of the final interviews. I guess that is better than not telling me at all (eliminating the chance that I may get a call back). But, like I said-- it wasn't a good feeling. Cross your fingers none the less, I could use the 2/3rds salary increase and rooming with Eva and being closer to home!

Tonight I am going to watch my boyfriend coach football. I usually work Thursday Nights (at my real job) and Friday Nights (at the fake one) but this week, I took off of the fake job because of my friend. This means that I actually get to go to a game of his (he is the JV head coach and Varsity Defensive Coordinator for a local High School)! I am going with his whole family to watch his boys in their season opener. I have my team colors and camera ready! THEN, when the game is over at 11 something at night, we are driving 4.5 hours to meet my Colorado friend and her other friend at the beach. YES, we are crazy. Thanks for asking. BUT, you know, you are only in your mid-twenties (ok, Mid-to-Late...) for a few years, why not take advantage and arrive at the beach at 3am? Maybe my friends will have saved us some beers!

i'll miss my pup and my pony this weekend. Next weekend will be normal. I will ride and run and do all the things that keep my life happy and balanced. But, I guess the summer is waning and so is my youth--- lets live it up!

So... Go Coach TK and the Hornets :)


  1. Glad you are keeping us posted. Life has a way of steeling us away from what really matter right? Like bloggin! Just joking but I am have similar problems.

  2. Just a thought, but my farrier taught me how to pull my own shoes should they start to come loose. He gave me a rasp and nippers that were past his preference for sharpness but are still perfectly fine for the occasional loose shoe. It's saved some hoof wall for Panache a couple times! I'm sure Granite doesn't mind the break, he sounds easy-going enough that whenever you're ready to play with him he will be too! Sending jingles your way for a positive outcome on the interview!!

  3. Your pupper tried to rescue me from Jim on Sunday! She's never wanted much to do with me, but he sat on me and apparently my pitiful squashed Amber sounds got her interest. She checked to see that I was alive, gave Jim a stern look, then went back behind the couch.

    Not really related, but hey, you did mention Daphne!

    I hope Granite's first trail ride goes well, D promised to take pics- you may need to enforce that though!