Friday, August 13, 2010

Weekends don't count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless.

Happy Friday to all.

Just wanted to check in and wish you all a wonderful weekend. I haven't ridden since Sunday (which was the best ride I have had in a while). My absence this time around was due to waiting tables Monday night, a rain storm Tuesday, Working on Wednesday night and extreme heat last night. Also? Granite's feet look awful. I love love love my farrier. I don't blame it on him at all. I blame it on the dry, hot, hard ground and the never ending pestering flies! I think Granite stands around and stomps all day. The farrier is scheduled to be out on Wednesday and (so far) we still have our shoes on. But, the right one is loose (and now a bit crooked) and the left one doesn't look much better. We have some cracks that look like they may take some hoof off with the shoe if he catches himself. So, I will air on the side of caution and abstain from riding until he gets his new kicks next week. I know this will result in a nearly 2 week riding hiatus and I hope that won't put us even farther behind.

A lot of you suggested that he and I slow down. Some suggested taking a break all together, others said to go back to the very basics. Some of you suggested I be consistent and continue riding as much as possible. So, I'm not sure what I will end up doing. I think just persevering until I know if I have a life change in my near future or if I will have to continue working 55+ hours a week and balancing the rest of my responsibilities. I went out last night to spray the hot man down and I do truly love that horse with all I have. He is gorgeous and funny and means so well. I will be sticking with him as long as possible! It will all come together... eventually.

So this weekend? I plan to do some jogging (7 or 8 miles total) and going out to the barn to visit granite on both Saturday and Sunday. I may try to clean some tack, work with the clippers, or pull his mane. All of these activities desperately need to be done. I will take the non-riding opportunity to tackle some of them. I think I will drag TK out to the barn on Saturday. He has only met Granite once, and hasn't gotten an opportunity to get to know him yet. This may be a nice opportunity. I may even hop on Granite bareback and walk him around the property. Maybe it will be a nice break for Granite to spend some time with his mom minus the arena and any stress I put on him to perform. Blessing in disguise perhaps?

In other news. I am taking two weeks away from Facebook. I am obsessed, so its time to take a step back. This leads me with time to stalk your blogs :) So get to writing people! Football started this week and my beloved REDSKINS play tonight. Unfortunately-- I will be working. So not cool. Also, the lovely bf (a football coach himself: JV Head Coach and V Defensive Coordinator) has his first game of the season tonight. I know I am wishing both of my teams lots of luck under the Friday Night Lights tonight! Wish I could be on the sidelines at either game (um, I love you TK, but the Redskin's sidelines are preferable). With football comes the promise of fall and everything I love about my favorite season!

Enjoy your weekend folks!


  1. Thanks for the update. It sounds like you're working on not being too frustrated with Granite and taking things one step at a time, which sounds like your head's in the right place. Two weeks without facebook? I wouldn't last.

  2. I'm not doing well (see the speed at which I read and responded to your comment).

    I swear FB makes me MORE productive at work-- but without it, I stare around and try to figure out what my actual job is.... sigh!

  3. Glad to see that you're figuring things out and not giving up on your boy. :-) We all have those moments when we get frustrated and consider throwing in the towel, while deep down we know that never could.
    I think I'm one of the few people in the civilized world who is actually not even on Facebook. I just can't be bothered with constantly updating my status or putting up new pics. No, thanks!

  4. To piggyback (horseback, lol) on Frizzle's comment; yes, so many moments that can get us down, but DON'T give up. You love that grey little man so much and there will be days where you want to slap red paint on his hind that sells "Horse for sale-FREE" but mostly days of love.
    FB..I love and hate it...I hear what u are saying about the time lost. I limit it strongly.
    I think a nice bareback hack sounds great! :)