Monday, December 20, 2010

At the intersection of excited and crazy

Well well well, what better use of ones time while slammed with a thousand different things to do than to updated one's "invisible friends" of the recent goings-on in her life...

Let me see, where did we leave off... YES, COLD. Its still cold. High of 41 today however, its a heat wave! Last week I broke down into a pile of worry and guilt over Granite's blanket blunders and called the local tack store for assistance. I have zero expendable capital, but I have a store credit from having to return my tall boots that wouldn't stay in one piece. Despite knowing that I may NEVER own a pair of tall boots, I called up my fave sales girl and asked what she had in the line of a blanket that would stand the test of two devil horses and a three-year old. She told me that Rhino blankets were pretty much awesome and were made out of ballistic material.... for serious. She also told me they are also available in a handy cut called a "wug". Its a high neck as to eliminate shoulder rubs (as I had noted that Granite was encountering on his right shoulder with his cheap-ass-blanket). So, I held my breath and tried not to pass out as she calmly dealt the blow of the $222 price tag to me. I thought "gee, I could get one so much cheaper online, sheesh, I'm never gunna get tall boots, OMG that is firggen ridiculous for a blanket--- and its not even top of the line Rambo!" but then I gulped and realized that I have zero real money so the tack shop was my only option, I was faced with sub-freezing temps and was stuck with a blanket of compromised structural integrity that was ill fitting anyway.... I had to do it. I bought the blanket.

Now my big man is "snug as a bug in his wug". It has lasted (thus far) 4 days without any damage. I will throw a royal conniption fit if it doesn't make it AT LEAST through the remainder of this winter season.

I got some (potentially) positive news on Friday in the form of a phone call from the HR Director that I have interviewed with twice in the past month. He wants me to come in for a meeting "about the available position" this week. I told him that I had planned to go home to my family's house after work today but would rearrange my plans to meet with him tomorrow morning and then drive home. Thats all the info I have right now, but after 8 hours of interviewing and probably 18 of studying for those interviews and 2.5 of driving back and forth to interviews, I'm hoping they are bringing me in to give me their decision... and I hope that decision is a job offer (or I will be royally upset because they know I am delaying my vacation to come in to meet). So yet again, I will ask for finger crossing at 9am tomorrow as they notify me of my fate.

This weekend was low key. Lots of packing because I am moving in SIX days! Tonight is my last night in my current apartment then I will have 5 at my parents' house! My room is a mess and we've spent the weekend boxing and spackling  nail holes and cleaning but after tonight, it should be all ready for the move after christmas holiday. TK and I are so excited about this part of our lives together. I am also ready to be settled in a new place and not living out of two houses and my bookbag anymore. \

I went to visit Granite on Friday, Saturday and Sunday but I only got on his back once. And, it was bareback. The arena was a nix of soggy mud and ice, so I just hopped on bareback (for the first time) and walked him around working on walking and bending and lateral movement. It was a good time.
 First bareback ride 12/19/10

 Tk trying to convince Gran that hes a Wake Forest fan, while in fact, he is actually a UNC fan!

Such a good barn dog!

Alright my friends. I wish you all the best for a wonderful Christmas. I know I can't wait to spend it at home with my family and food (and bowl games). I'll let you all know how moving (and that meeting) go! Be prepared to build my ego back up if they bring me in to tell me that I'm not getting the job!

Be well!


  1. Good luck on the interview and I hope you get the offer! Granite looks great during the bareback hack and in his new 'wug.'

  2. Granite is adorable, as always. Good luck with the continuing interview process :)

  3. I love that blanket! I was once tasked with buying an entire winter wardrobe for a horse who was a Christmas surprise for someone's wife (talk about a wonderful husband) and that's one of the blankets I bought. Tucker doesn't have one because he tries to pull blankets over his head and I'm afraid that since Rhinos and Rambos don't have leg straps, he'd remove them. It looks great on Granite though and I have a feeling you will love the fit through the shoulders. My fingers are crossed for you on this job! I think it's a great sign that they're calling you back in. Have a very merry Christmas and good luck with the move!

  4. The Rhinos are pretty good, I have several. Good luck with the job!

  5. Granite looks very dashing in his new wug.
    Good luck with your interview.

  6. I can't wait to hear about the job...I have a huge positive feeling on this one!! Granite looks stunning in his new blanket...he's such a stud!

  7. I have a Rhino just like the one Granite has now. It has held up for 3 winters (although my horse doesn't have any turnout buddies) and is my favorite blanket!

  8. I've been coveting Rambo products forever! Panache has a Rambo fly mask though, only one with ears long enough to not pull... also the only fly mask that she doesn't take off on a regular basis. Hope the job discussions are going well! Enjoy the time with family too :)

  9. Good luck at your meeting. It sounds like it's going to be good news, but I guess you won't know until you get there!

    Have a merry Christmas!!!

  10. Sounds like good news to me too. Hope that's the case.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!