Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Nuthin Much

I haven't ridden the pony in over a week (I was out of town for 6 days then cold and rain hit). I am aiming for tonight and the blue skies look promising for some time in the saddle!

My interview last week didn't go so well and I haven't heard anything despite the HR Director telling me that they would let me know something either way within the next couple of days. His response to my "thank you follow up" was a cryptic "It was a pleasure meeting you Rachel. You will hear from us soon." I'm thinking thats code for "your rejection letter is in the mail; thanks for playing." Oh well. I tried my best and now have even more interview experience (and fewer towns that I will have the guts to apply in ever again).
This just in: I am a finalist for the job. There will be a follow up interview and assessments to evaluate my abilities and compatibility for the job. I will find out more by the end of the week...

Thanksgiving break was amazing! I rode home with Eva. It was lovely having 3.5 hours to catch up. We have both gone through some changes in the past few months and its straining on friendships, but we have been through everything and anything since 5th grade (to date myself, thats about 12ish years now) and its great to know that no matter what life throws you, you have someone who knows you like the back of their hand who will be with you regardless. Everyone should be so lucky. Anyway, we got some QT and I got to give her her birthday gift! I was sooo jazzed about it. I found out about Juliette and Honeysuckle Faire Custom Posters through Kristen over at SweetHorsesBreath. I have wanted one of her pieces for myself for forever, but couldn't justify it. When I was thinking about what to get the bff, she came to mind and I knew that would make the greatest gift. It turned out wonderfully and was so reasonably prices. Check it out-- you won't regret it! Eva loved it, which is the best part.

Thanksgiving break was exceptional. I got to run (finally) and thrift shop (my favorite thing to do at home bc there are so many brand new brand name items at the beach thrift shops-- I got 3 pairs of pants, 1 jacket and 4 shirts for $22 this weekend). My mom and dad spoiled me rotten as usual. The food was amazing and the view is always perfect. TK came down Thursday night and spent the weekend with us. He fits in  so well with my family!
"Granny" bought Daphne a dog bed for our new apartment... Shes still learning.

Eva's Birthday Oyster Roast

TK and I on the back deck at sunset <3

TK and Daddy "jammed" for nearly 4 hours... I read my book :)

The family after the (disappointing redskins' game)

Now its back to reality, which is actually a nice one since I'm only working my real job. I'm sooo poor and frugal, but my disposition has changed and I feel hopeful every day instead of fearful (I still have anxiety dreams about waiting tables-- yep, I'm kinda crazy). 

Hopefully, I will be back with horsie updates before too long!


  1. It must be soooo nice to just have the one job. Hopefully, the stress dreams will go away soon enough.

    Have a good ride!

  2. Sounds like a great thanksgiving, and I'm glad you and Eva got to spend some time catching up. So hard when all your commitments make it hard to spend time with your friends. I love the pictures - especially Daphne! So cute that TK and your dad were jamming together. Love it.

  3. Good luck with the job! Juliette's posters are amazing - I have a couple of them.

  4. Congrats on being a finalist! I wish you the best of luck on your next interview.

    I love the gift you got Eva, very cute! I totally want one now, but I'm going to wait until I have a horse :) I hope you get some nice sunshiny weather to ride Granite in soon!

  5. Haha, I am so glad you're a finalist! I had a hard time believing that anyone wouldnt LOVE you! Jobs interviews are tricky, it's best to assume you're still in the running until you hear otherwise, employers are always so cryptic even if you're their #1 pick. I'm excited for everything with TK as cool is that!!??

  6. Congrats on getting another interview! You just never know...

    Glad you had a great holiday. Your family looks fun-love the picture of your dog figuring out the dog bed;) I have a couple of those...

  7. Congrats on being a finalist. Hope you make the number 1 pick. Job hunting is stressful. There's just no way around that. We all hate rejected and fear the worst.

    Sounds like you had a great holiday. That's pretty cool.

  8. I DIE for Juliette's AMAZING posters...I have them framed in my home office where I spent 99% of my time gazing at their beauty. What a great gift for you to give!

    GOOD luck on interview process!!

    And really, you love can I?? I'm so flabby and need to run but Brrrr! (and cough and wheeze). Nothing got me more fit than running though...I'm rambling but wish I loved to do it. Perhaps I need new shoes. ;0

  9. w00t you're a finalist!! Good luck.

    I miss running, too, but it's super icy here.

  10. Hi! I just found this post - sorry, a little late - but still wanted to say thank you for the kind words about my poster. I am glad Eva liked her gift. You are a wonderful friend!
    Many thanks!
    Juliette of Honeysuckle Faire