Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bubba, its cold outside!

OMG, the high today? Is 36 degrees! YES, I live in North Carolina... which, I thought, was in the South. Its not even technically winter yet!


I only rode 3 times last week (I know thats sad, considering I finally have 4 of my 5 week day evenings free). Monday it was just too damned cold and I had only brought a sweatshirt to wear to the barn (poor planning). I went to visit G and groomed and gave candy and kisses. Tuesday it was rainy, so I skipped the barn all together.  Wednesday I finally got my butt in gear and tacked up. Granite was exceptional. He went through his paces really well. Our canter transitions have gotten so quick (when, just a few months ago, we had none at all). We went over a cross rail and did a set of 5 trot-poles twice, without hitting ANY! He finally knows where his feet are!

Wednesday, I learned that I was a finalist for that job. There are 3 of us and we each interview next week on a different day. Mine is Tuesday, from 9:30am-3:30pm!!! I have a meeting with the City Manger, a panel interview, a mock press conference in which I will act as the City Spokeperson, a lunch, then a writing assessment! I have to study a lot about the current state of the City and be prepared for a billion questions. This will be JUST what I need in the middle of packing for a move, 6 days at home/holidays and moving... But, its a great opportunity and I think it would be a great career move for me if I were to get it. Keep those fingers crossed!

Thursday was my Town Meeting (2.5 hours.... and the case was tabled!). Friday, I got to ride again. Another perfect ride. We cantered a trot pole and Granite did so well with it! I was really proud of him and keep thinking about what a great horse he is turning into. I am so proud of the big guy.

Friday night, TK hijacked me for a date night. He took me to dinner at a little local spot, then for a drink at the bar where we had our first date, then to see a movie. It was fabulous and so sweet of him!

Saturday TK and I went to the barn. It was freezing (Granite seems to enjoy the cold as opposed to heat however). Granite started of alright and even got pretty good. He jumped a few cross rails then went back to flat work. Then, we hit a wall. I asked for the trot (our trot transitions are still a bit sticky) and he stopped. I asked him to move forward and got NOTHING. The I asked him to turn-- still nothing. I finally got a walk then a trot. Then as I walked him out I asked him to move faster, and he stopped again. And would. not. proceed. at. all. It was reallllly frustrating. I'm hoping he was just tired and annoyed and that we won't have that issue tonight. But, it was a good reminder that we need to master the basics before going to far forward (we've been working on simple lead changes and cross rails). I think tonight, I may not even canter. I may just trot transition him all night long. That will either improve the issue or frustrate him further and lead us down a negative path. I will have to react to his reactions in order to try to create a positive lesson.

Any way, please enjoy TK's skills as our paparazzo.

my favorite image captures (he is stretchy and relaxed)

my face is saying "good boy"

My kids bundled up for the cold

That dog follows me everywhere.

We got our first snow of the season Saturday (about an hour after my ride!)

TK and I decorated the tree at his dad's shop.


  1. So funny..I can see you saying "Goooood Boyyyyy!"
    Granite looks awesome! TK seems awesome! All in all-looks like luck is on your side! Fingers crossed for the job!

  2. Ugh. Stopping on babies is so much fun. Sounds like you rode it really well and have a good plan to deal with it. It doesn't sound like a pain issue, since he worked so well before it. Lol, maybe he just thought he ought to be done!

    Good luck with the interview!

  3. Good luck with the job interview!

    Sounds like you're working through the stopping issue. Sometimes they're trying to say something to us when they do that, so keep listening . . .

  4. Thanks ladies. He did the stopping (its best described as getting "locked up" or "sticking")a lot when I first got him back from the trainer. It was bad, but we worked on "just going forward" and he responded well. Hopefully I can continue on that trend with the transition practice tonight. He does better when we vary how I ask as well (in circles or over poles instead of just on the rail).

  5. Sounds great! He is really coming along judging by your new pictures, starting to look more relaxed and balanced and put together. I can tell you are starting to get glimpses of what he'll be like. I'm not sure exactly what's going on with the stopping/sticking issue but I think you'll figure it out. Just remember not to drill him too much if he's getting frustrated or confused, and keep being patient with him! You're doing a really nice job with him so far. Hope the interview goes well!!

  6. I think 3 days a week is great, especially in the winter. THen again, I'm lucky to ride once a week...guess I'm just jealous! lol.

    Oh my gosh, how exciting to be a finalist for that job. It sounds like an amazing opportunity and something you should be proud for sure. I wish you the best of luck on that crazy sounding interview!!!

    Cute pics - I like the pic of jumping. I love Granite's back hooves captured up in the air like that...cute!!!

  7. OMG - LOOK at your boy!! :-) He has turned into quite the handsome poneh! You should be so proud of the kind of horse he has turned into. Yes, he's still young and you'll run into sticky moments but that's ok. A lot of people choose to send their young horses out to trainers when they hit walls like this. But if you work through it, you develop a true appreciation of what it takes to turn a young horse into a solid citizen. Keep at it - those issues will work themselves out. Promise!

  8. Holy Hunter Trot! He looks so gorgeous :) Baby temper tantrums are the funniest though, those silly little sticky moments are definitely safer than the "OMG THIS RING IS GOING TO EAT ME!!" moments that some babies get instead. And I hear ya on the cold... VA is going through the same thing! I think I'm going to break out the exercise sheet tonight to keep MY legs warm. Good luck on the interview next week, sounds like and awesome opportunity.

  9. You ladies make me smile! I love when others compliment my boy-- I know hes a rockstar, but its lovely to have my thoughts solidified :)

  10. Hope it went well with the interview!! Fingers and toes are crossed!

  11. Ok, just want to MAKE SURE you know I die, DIE, over a Dapple handsome baby (Granite is at the top of the list!)...I just don't want you to think the Titan post I did was anti-dapple racism! ;)