Monday, December 13, 2010

The weather outside is frightful....

Well, despite the frigid weather, I managed to ride on Thursday and Friday. The ground was still really hard (although we finally got out of the 30s), so I took that as a great opportunity to focus on walk-trot transitions. Granite did really well and didn't get "stuck" at all during our work-outs. I was really proud of him (and myself) for taking our time and working on an issue. I think when I put too much pressure on him, he gets stuck. To alleviate this, I've begun clucking for a trot and barley using my leg aids. I think subconsciously, I ask for a trot more lightly when I use voice and Granite responds much better. I've been working on this and its going well, so I shall continue.... if the weather cooperates!
Day time highs are in the 30s.... all week long! Perfect time for Granite's spare blanket to be ripped to shreds!

There is no fixing this one! Fortunately, his other blanket is still holding on (as far as I know, I haven't gotten a message indicating other wise). The surviving blanket was purchased on Ebay (as a back up since the above blanket WAS still in really good shape). It was inexpensive and cutesy (argyle! love!). And it shows. On the first couple of wears, both D rings and leg straps fell off. I'm just hoping it will survive until after the holidays when I can spare any extra money for a new (or craigslisted/ebayed used one) sturdy one!

I also took pictures to show you the good and the bad of Granite's pasture (so you can scoff at the offending ponies and awwe at the sweet day time crew). 
Wheeler and Splash: The daytime crew (I adore Wheeler, he is a doll!)

Gwen and Merilyn... The Night Time Terrors (doing what they do best: hogging the shelter)

When I brought Granite in on Thursday I was greeted with this:
Break your heart much? Poor guy missed getting the cut ON his eye by a partial centimeter! I don't think I can blame this on the devil horses however, because just last week as I was walking G out of his pasture, he ran smack dab into the gate. He has never been very graceful... I am pretty sure he got in a fight with a stick or something equally as silly. Either way, we go luck here and there was no swelling and it is healing nicely, but it still hurt my heart.

Sadly, I think I will be mostly absent from my boy for the remainder of the month. Of course I am so concerned by the freezing temps and the blanket situation AND the bully horses situation. BUT, I know if Becky noticed any weight loss, or shivering, or any other sign of distress, she will address the issue appropriately even if I am absent. She loves horses and although she is busy and the barn is a business, she will go out of her way every time to make sure the horses are healthy.

I have my 6 hour job interview tomorrow. I'm not looking forward to it at all, but there are exciting things down the pipe after that is over. Wednesday, TK is taking me to the Wake Forest (his team) vs. UNCG (my alma mater) basketball game! Thursday is a late night at work for me. And Fri, Sat and Sun are my last days to pack up my entire apartment before I go home for the holidays. When I return after Christmas on Dec 26th, TK and his friends will already have begun the moving process. I will arrive mid-day to help and supervise production. We should have everything in by Dec 27th, on TK's birthday! I took the day off work to spend with him and get settled in our new home! The next two weeks are going to be stressful/exciting/busy/happy times and I am so ready for January when life can begin to get back to normal and I can get into a routine again (and begin working out again-- I've gotten sooo fat! Poor Granite)!

I will hope to check in at some point, but if I have nothing to report and don't "see" you all until after the Holidays, enjoy the season! I am very grateful for all of my "invisible friends" aka blog buddies!


  1. Good luck on the interview! I KNEW you did well on the last one ;)
    I'm sure Granite will be fine...he's got his own thick coat and he wouldn't have a people blanket if he was wild ;) thats what I always tell myself lol
    Have a great Holiday! I will miss you if you dont blog until after the holiday!!!

  2. Good luck with the job interview!

    We have had very good results with Amigo blankets. They're a little spendy, but not as much as top of the line blankets - they fit super well and are really durable. (Though McKinna is in a herd of mares, so not as much rough play as with geldings.)

    Any tack sales in your area coming up? Those are probably the best places to get inexpensive, medium-quality blankets.

  3. Did Granite hear that Tucker's scars around, under, above, and ON his eye are cool, and was trying to emulate him? Because both of our boys should be a little more careful about where they put their big noggins!!!

    I recommend scouring the consignment section of your local tack shop for a turnout blanket. What size is he? I'll let you know if I see any good deals online.

  4. Poor Granite, I hope his eye is feeling better soon. On another note, cute halter he has!

    GOOD LUCK on your interview! I'm sure you'll rock it ~ I'm keeping my fingers crossed for ya'.

  5. Glad he didn't get his actual life. Love the halter though.

    Good luck with the interview!