Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bundle Up! Its Winter Time!

Brrrr. Its cold here in NC! And I? I am not a fan! I hate winter with a passion. Thankfully my pony is very fuzzy and has a thick warm blanket to keep him toasty in his run in shed (equipped with a buffet of hay). I left work early yesterday to go visit with the horse before getting ready for the holiday party for my job (joy). The ground wasn't frozen (yet), so I took the opportunity to work him for a bit. Now, because of injury or weather or whatnot, I haven't worked him in probably almost a month. So, I was pleasantly surprised that he took his bridle like that teething issue never happened. Then he was a perfect gentleman on the lunge line. I really think that he will be easy to get under-saddle. Only 5 months and 1 day to go!!! Wahoooo!

In other news, I have applied to volunteer for the Guilford County 4-H and found a program made up of 8, 2 hour "short courses" about equine management. Its only $30 for the whole program. Some classes are on Natural Horsemanshit... oh, I mean ship. And some are for first time horse owners but I am half tempted to go to them all. It can't hurt to learn everything I can, right?

Here are some pictures I took of my furry monster yesterday! And one of the 38 year old pony at the barn. Affectionately named "Pony"!

This one is from this morning with after Granite had just sniffed the ice to see what that really cold stuff was there on the ground! He's such a child.


  1. I sympathize. It's snowing and miserable here, so my pony just got a visit in the pasture.

    As always, Granite sure is handsome.

  2. Aw thank you! Sometimes I wonder if he really is special because I see him through a mother's eyes when I really should be looking at him through the eyes of a competitor...

    Thankfully snow usually doesn't visit us (if ever) until Jan or Feb. I hate snow!

  3. Granite really looks like he's moving well, no more awkward trot pictures! I'm probably more objective than you and I think he's definitely a special guy. Though I know exactly what you mean, I sometimes wonder how the rest of the world sees Tucker, since I look at him and see the world's most perfect equine!

  4. YAY, no one likes an awkward Trot. I actually think he is a fairly nice mover, but he does have 1 upright hoof (we call it his "special hoof" like Nemo's "special fin") that concerns me. I plan to do some additional research and come up with a decent blog post regarding it...

    and DUH- Tucker freaking rocks. I'm sure hes up there as far as the world's most perfect equine ;)

  5. He seems to have a good mind and a pleasant attitude. Besides you guys have done plenty of bonding and ground work-- I bet it will be a total non event!