Friday, December 18, 2009

I am a Master (at least in theory...

Well, I survived! I walked across the stage without incident. While approximately 13 friends and family watched and cheered, I received my Masters of Public Affairs from the University North Carolina at Greensboro.
My parents came in town on Wednesday night and so did my great aunt and uncle in addition to some family friends who are like an aunt and uncle. I have enjoyed spending time with them and showing them where I work and where I keep Granite. Its currently snowing its butt off and my parents are at my apartment. Daddy is fixing chicken and dumplings and I am here on the couch with the laptop. So happy! We are going to see the Santaland Diaries tonight if the snow its too heavy. Enjoy some photos from the last few days.
The Grandparents came to visit.

My Parents and the Graduate!

D and I :)

Bestest and I heading out of the ceremony.

I got my graduation boots today. So looks like I'm ready to compete!

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