Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Masters? Check! .... So whats NEXT?!

Hello All!
I finished my oral defense today which happens to be the final hoop through which I had to jump in order to walk across the stage and accept my diploma (read: diploma cover) next Thursday morning in front of my fan club of about 50!

So in honor of the occasion, I have been thinking about what is next in my life now that work and Granite are my only commitments and I have some thoughts I wanted to share with you all in addition to some blog posts I will be working on in the comming weeks...

Ideas to occupy my time (expect blog post dedicated to the following as well):
1) Earning my Open Horse Show Judging Card!
2) Becoming a 4-H Horse Volunteer
3) Attending Horse Husbandry "short courses" through the local extension service
4) Hoof Care and Shoeing Short Course (no I dont want to be a farrier but want to know more about hooves!)
5) Creating/ Joining a horse club (such as my best friend's "sporthorse competition club" in Raleigh-- I am jealous)
6) Volunteer to coach youth cheerleading (I will save you a trip down high school memory lane and hold back on blogging on this topic)
7) Get a Part-Time Night/Weekend Job (could be at a tack store or judging or schooling horses or...waiting tables-BOOO)

Topic on Which I (also) plan to Blog...
1) American Warmblood Certification (for beautifully conformed and equally talented warmblood mutts such as mine)
2) Upright Hoof? Impacts and Effects
3) Continuing/Adult Education in Equine Sciences (Community College Programs)
4) Adult Pony Clubs (apparently they DO exist)

Let me know if you think of anything to add to either or both categories. I plan to spend some time researching interesting topics to blog about and enlighten myself!! I can't wait to get invovled!

Cheers and expect these super awesome blogs in the near future!


  1. woohooo congrats! I like your ideas on new ventures as well. Good luck they all sound like worth while endeavors

  2. Oh, very fun!! I want to volunteer with 4-H. I had tons of fun with it when I was younger.

    It looks like you're going to be really, really busy... any plans to just take some time off?

  3. Congrats! Your boy is BEAUTIFUL!! That's my dream color of a horse! I wanted a gray gelding but ended up with...well, you've seen pictures of what i ended up with. The devil in disquise?