Saturday, December 19, 2009

Winter Wonderland

I hate snow! It snowed all night and we ended up with about 6-8 inches. I drive a little 2-door red toyota and upon my dad's suggestion, I will not be attempting to navigate it down the 2 lane road to the horse farm. Poor Granite probably has snowballs in his hooves :( I was also supposed to go to the downtown bars with my friends to celebrate my graduation. We planned the party for the weekend because my parents didn't head home until today. They also took my dog! I will be heading down east in 3 days and they love their grandpup, so I let them take her. Now I am snowed in alone with my party looking doubtful and no pup. This is definitely a time when I wish I had a boyfriend. Lets move to Florida! We did navigate to the play downtown last night since my parents have an SUV and my dad is an experienced snow driver. It was actually pretty disappointing. I went to the same play last year and I loved it! Perhaps it was because we consumed 4 bottles of wine during the play last year and I only had one glass this time around. Maybe the play was the same amount of crappy and I was just significantly less forgiving...
Hope all of you and your horses are making out alright in this nasty winter weather.
Enjoy some photos from our snowland.

This is the view from my apartment balcony. Lots of sledding has been going on down that hill!

The view of downtown Greensboro from the car.

Another shot of downtown.

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