Sunday, January 24, 2010

Big Favor..

Alright. Everyone knows of my Bestest, well her real name is Eva. We have been best friends since 5th Grade. We met shortly after I broke my arm riding my first horse, Bonnie. A friend of mine called and said that she had a friend (Eva) who wondered if I needed someone to exercise my horse while I was out with my broken shoulder. My response? Hell NO!! I knew that if I let someone else take over my horse, that they may well try to buy her and my parents may well oblige them. So, my mother exercised my horse for me and I didn't hear from Eva about the subject again.
Well, funny how things work out. A boarder at my farm got pregnant (don't you hate when that happens.. it has a way of ruining your riding career), and guess who stepped in to ride her horse? You guessed it, Eva did. I was such a bitch to poor Eva. I let her horse out of the paddock, I left old food in her tack trunk, in addition to throwing plenty of snappy comments and evil glares. Well, one day we got stuck out at the farm together (oh, the days before the freedom of a drivers license) and we ended up riding together. Shortly thereafter, Eva spent the night at my house and we hatched plans to host a horse show at our farm (which we did, complete with a rated judge, customized ribbons, and competitors!-- yes we were, like, 12 years old).
Thats pretty much all she wrote. Eva and I were best friends from then on. She ended up buying the horse she was riding for the pregnant lady (TOLD YOU, see why I wouldn't let her touch my horse?!). We moved to another farm and grew up through local shows, 4-H, high school, heartbreaks, proms and more. In '04 I left for college five hours away and in '05 she moved for college and we were three hours apart. Through it all she has remained my favorite person in the universe. She is Granite's Godmother and I see her as often as possible. She recently moved to a city only 1.5 hours from me and is working on her Masters in Communication. She is training to be an Event Rider. She has been through hell trying to find a new horse and is currently leasing a pretty snazzy Thoroughbred from her trainer. She is still on the lookout for one of her own and is hoping to find something come summertime. But... heres where the favor comes in... I want to let her take over the rest of the story. She is currently taking a social media course in her grad program and is required to write a blog. Her assignment involves having comments on her posts and actual readers. She is BRILLIANT (2nd in her graduating class in High School and Magna Cum Laude in College) so you won't be disapointed. PLEASE PLEASE do me a huge favor and go check out her blog "High Tech Horse". It looks to me like she will be discussing, primarily, how the internet has changed the horse world (through horse blogs, online tack stores, online horse sales, horse marketing, trainer research etc...). You won't be disapointed and you'll be doing my very favorite person (and me) a huge favor!
Thanks so much!!

Circa '06

Circa '07


  1. I will be sure and check it out! You are such a good friend. It is great to hear your friendship is still going strong after all of these years. That is so awesome!

  2. :) Yep, I don't hear many people who have had the same best friend for 13ish years. And the best part is that we have never lived in the same county/town. I'm lucky to have her!

  3. It's good you didn't let her ride your horse... I was the same way when I was younger, but now that I own her (with no parents involved), things are a little safer. I'll skip over and check it out.