Monday, January 4, 2010

A Plethora of Rider's Fitness Books for Your Reading Pleasure

After some of you expressed some interest in the book I have ordered to perhaps get me in better riding shape, I wanted to share with you some others that I have found in addition. I haven't ordered any more because, well, I'm broke and lets just take one thing at a time. But I figured if others were interested in improving the fitness of the other half of the horse and rider team (read: the rider!), I would help you with some options. Of course, I will demand that you share your opinions and experiences if you purchase any of the following books. Perhaps I can convince some of you to write a post on my blog about them? Anyway, check um out...
I got most of the ideas from but is always my go-to when ordering... by far, the best prices on a regular basis.

Better Rider, Better Ride by Linda Schultz:
 Identifies common riding problems and how they can be corrected using specific exercises.

A Gymnastic Riding System Using Mind, Body, & Spirit by Betsy Steiner: Her approach to riding "gives comparable attention to the body, mind and spirit of both the rider and the horse as they ascend the Classical Training Pyramid together."

Pilates for the Dressage Rider by Janice Dulak: Both basic and advanced exercises are included, as well as exercises in the saddle. My Best Friend got this book and promises to give us a Guest Blog review of it!

Ride from Within by James Shaw uses Tai Chi principles to teach riding from the inside out.

Ride Right by Daniel Stewart teaches balance for your frame and frame of mind with unmounted exercise and sports psychology.

The Rider's Fitness Guide to a Better Seat by Jean-Pierre Hourdebaigt features three full exercise routines for riders at beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels.

Yoga for Equestrians by Linda Benedik and Veronica Wirth cultivates mental and physical flexibility and balance.

Horse and Rider Fitness by Linda Purves uses simple barn and farm based exercises to make fitness training fun and accessible.

 Riding from the Inside Out by Lisa Champion combines the talents of an exercise specialist, physical therapist, and gifted rider to create a new exercise and stretching program to practice off the horse and improve your performance on the horse.

Alright, there you have it. Now lets all get fit during this horribly cold winter so we can wow our trainers and ourselves come spring when its time to get it in gear!


  1. Oh. I want to get Ride Right, but my husband and I had a long talk about budgets and that sort of thing, so I'd better wait until other things are more settled... I look forward to your updates, and I'll be working along with you towards that elusive fitness goal.

  2. yea that one totally looks great. BUT 2 other books I am looking at may help you out a bit more:
    Horse Economics ($3.59 on
    The Affordable Horse ($.75 on
    are "personal finance guide(s) for the horse owner".
    Seems like money well spent :)

  3. I think I want to get ride right because that author looks cuuuuute ;)

    Thanks for sharing all these Rachel!!!

  4. wow I want to read them all! I just bought a few pilates work out videos so maybe I will go that route? I find yoga gives me that stable strength I need for the sitting trot I just need a little more stamina and strength to get that canter going!