Sunday, January 24, 2010

The wheel of the world keeps turning around...

This week has been ridiculous. I only had one day in the office and had to spend 11 hours of that day working 90 miles an hour to situate things for my absence. I then spend the following three days at a conference. I learned a lot and really enjoyed myself at the conference, I even got to spend one night at my Bestest's apartment. The conference got me really jazzed about my job and I needed that.

In the mean time, Daphne had to go live with D and I didn't get to go see my horse for 4 straight days. I went to visit him yesterday and he was doing wonderfully, as per usual. I absolutely adore my farm. Becky and Allen always have such a close eye on Granite yet they aren't over protective and don't try to tell me what to do with my own horse.

I have managed to work out 6 days this week (and last week) despite the constant travel and late nights at work. I feel so sore and thus so happy thinking that I will be strong enough to do right by my horse come April. I just have such a problem with consistency. I am afraid that something will come along and throw me off track. I have made a promise to myself to make sure I work out 4-6 days a week for 6 weeks. I don't care if it involves working out before work (which is often has these days) or staying up later to do it. I just have to stick with this for at least 6 weeks and by that point, I hope to have made it habit or at least be proud of the results.

But alas, it is the weekend and what am I doing? I am working on writing a grant for 4-H. If I am going to start a Hippology and Horse Bowl team, they need educational materials and buzzers. The County 4-H asked me to prepare a proposal to the North Carolina Horse Council educational grant. It is a lot more involved than I had anticipated and its due NEXT WEEKEND, but I have to get it done. So, next week is shaping up to be just as busy as the last. Which is good, because I thrive on feeling busy and needed.

What else is on the docket for this week? Well, my first Horse Management Short Course is tomorrow night. The subject is "The First Time Horse Owner: management, feeding, safety, purchasing and owning a horse, manure management". Although Granite is my third horse, I plan to go for a few reasons. First, I really want the opportunity to meet new people. I have only a small handful of close friends here and a few of them are gearing up to move after graduation in May. I want to expand my friend network, and I want to take any opportunity I can to meet new people. Another reason is to recruit interested youth for our new Hippology and Horse Bowl teams. There are currently no such teams in the County and this will be a great arena to gauge interest and to let them know that teams are forming. This should be interesting and educational. The courses will be held for 8 consecutive Mondays. I'll update you on how they go.

On Wednesday, I am supposed to give my friend Carrie (check out her blog)  a riding lesson on Karma (you remember her right? The mare of which I had to relinquish possession). But Karma has had a runny nose and a cough that have come and gone for the last few weeks. She has a vet visit scheduled for Monday, so we shall see if we are still on. I guess I should get to creating some lesson plans for her! Sheesh, I have too much to do... what happened to having some free time after graduation?!

Now for your viewing pleasure... a picture of my big man in his new blanket (which he will not be wearing until he breaks his current togs).

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