Wednesday, April 21, 2010

And Kindergarten Begins...

Granite began his training yesterday!
Yesterday Becky began working with my boy. Granite has lived there for almost 10 months, but Becky and Granite don't know each other too extremely well because he is pasture boarded (out 24/7) so they don't get a lot of time to interact. Becky spent yesterday doing some ground work with Granite in the round pen and got to know him a little more and got a feel for what work I had done with him.
Today when I pulled up to the barn after work, I looked for Granite in the pasture as usual. He wasn't there; I immediately start to panic. But then, I looked up and realized that Granite was in the round pen, and Becky was on him! I squealed with excitement and managed to put my boots on (sock-less) while driving down the driveway so that I could sprint out of the car and to watch her ride him!

OK, I was really jealous that it wasn't me up there, but I don't want to ruin anything-- so it is best this way.
Granite is more stiff when being asked to bend under saddle than he is on the ground.

He also had no clue what Becky is asking when she asks him to walk on. Turns out he responds well to the reins on his flank, but not to side pressure. I assume this is because he has had so much practice working on the lunge and being led from the shoulder. Becky said that will be the main focus of tomorrow's lesson. This is why I have her, I don't have the patience or skill to get him to understand how to move from the leg (forward and laterally).

I hope Granite gets better and better. He is still my elephant (we should have named him Horton). Very S-l-o-w and easy going. Nothing seemed to phase him at all today. The horse is really steady. But, I do hope there is some impulsion in there somewhere (hello Granite, you are supposed to be a jumping horse!!! duh!)

In other news, everyone is so in love with Reno! Becky REALLY likes him. I don't think she likes Granite nearly as much--- boo. But I love him <3

Oh, one more thing. We measured the big guy today and he is 16.1.

That is all.


  1. 16.1????!!!!??? What a big boy!! Horton would have been a GREAT name :)

    loves my nephew

  2. Reno is a very cute guy, but so is Granite! Granite looks great under saddle ~ I bet you just can't wait to get up on that big guy!!

  3. Rachel - Granite is very handsome! 16.1hh? More to love! My guy is 16.2hh - it took me a while to get used to it, but now I appreciate his "bigness". Can't wait to see pics of you on Granite!

  4. Wow...that's a big baby you got there missy! He's as big as Pong! Dont worry, I think in the beginning they are sloooow because they arent sure where their balance is and are thinking too hard about what's going on. He'll perk up once he gets more confidence. Pongo isnt the most energetic horse either but once he figured out what the deal was he pretty liberal with his speed :P Wheeeeee!

  5. Maybe Horton Hears a Hoo can be his show name :P

  6. Yep he is a big dude. He is a lot of leg however and not barrel. I think he will continue to fill out through the shoulder and girth as he continues to mature; we may even get another inch out of him-- which is good considering I am 5'8.
    He did so well. I've seen the little man haul ass around the pasture, so I am banking on him pepping up a bit when he figures out what we want!

  7. Aww he looks so cute! Its great that he can start his career as a riding horse now, that must be so exciting. I've always wanted to be able to start a horse myself, and be the first one to climb on. I hear ya about the height thing. I'm 5'9" and I was really praying Cruizer would fill out and grow more when I got him, he was such a scrawny looking horse.

  8. Yay Granite!! I'm so glad you got to watch and it's great you have at trainer you can trust to do the basic under saddle work with him. All around win, I think.

  9. Aw, baby Granite is growing up! I am so jealous, I wish I had a baby horse to play with... Julie is still at least another year away from this part. He looks like he's totally relaxed about the whole thing which is wonderful. Don't worry, he'll figure out the impulsion once he figures out where all his parts are. For now just be happy he's so quiet!! Makings of a lovely adult hunter.... :)

  10. Marissa, we need an update of Julie. I was wondering if you had decided to sell her or not!