Friday, April 23, 2010

Lets Go Becky (Holder that is)!

I'm going to sound like Eva here when I say that, thanks to social media, the Rolex is much more real to me this year. While its easy to feel "in the loop" with events such as the NFL Draft (Trent Williams to the Redskins? eh, I guess I'll take it) because they are nationally televised and permeate the usual print and radio media channels, it is more difficult to stay in abreast on the action taking place at our equestrian sporting venues. But this year with the invention of Facebook "Fan" pages, my decision to finally give in and sign up for Twitter, and following BTB and other such blogs, I actually feel more connected to events such as (my personal favorite) the Washington International, Rolex, and WEG!

All of this to say, I have actually paid attention this year and am thrilled to announce that Becky Holder (inspiration for my, now, 16 week venture into becoming a fit rider!) is in 2nd place (after Karen O'Conner) after the Dressage. Go Becky!

Becky Holder and Courageous Comet 


  1. wha ha ha ha ha ha (evil laugh)

    welcome to the dark side :)

  2. Loveth Becky Holder and her horse,they are mesmerizng! Do you know if there are any plans to do a TV special like they did last year for Rolex. It was a pithy ONE HOUR of pure horse fantasticness, but I'd love to get it again!

    Are you girls planning to make a trip to the WEG games? It would be SO MUCH FUN to meet up. My bf and I will be there for the Dressage GP Freestyle (Friday Oct 1) and the Eventing XC (Saturday Oct 2).

  3. Nicku-
    I totally missed that last year! Bummer! Also have no idea if plans are in order to produce one this time around. Let me know if you find out.

    Eva and I had talked about going to WEG because her mother was going to go (and get a hotel room), but now I don't think Eva's mom is going and because we both live in a state of perpetual brokeness, I doubt we will have a chance to see them in person... that is, unless I win one of the 42 contests I have entered to go to the WEG-- fingers crossed!

  4. I think Rolex is going to be on tv for a short while... in our area, it's supposed to be from 3-4.30 on Sunday afternoon, I think.