Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Things that make me go.... GRRrrr!

1. Verizon Wireless who has left me sans phone for FOUR days now despite my super-duper-amazing-covers- everything-including-earthquakes-and-avalanches-insurance plan. Their sorry excuse for customer service is positively deplorable.

2. Duke Basketball who beat the Cinderella team by 2 points in the National Championship last night. They are a rich, snobby, private school and I just can't garner any fellowship toward entitled people, let alone a campus full of them.--- Go Heels!

3. 90 Degree temperatures in APRIL that are making my poor poor Gran Man sweat all day as he is still holding on to the last layer of winter fuzzies that mom just can't seem to curry off just yet.

4. Not Knowing if my best friend's (hopefully) soon-to-be Baby Morgan will pass the vet check today and not knowing whats going on because I don't have a phone. Fingers crossed for good news folks!

5. Rained out lessons that seem to occur with frightening regularity. I have a trial lesson scheduled with a new trainer scheduled for Thursday and what do you know? The high temps are supposed to break and give way to showers on Thursday evening, go fricken figure!

~ Now in better news, I sat on my boy bare-back last night for the first time ever. A friend of mine held Granite while he grazed and I got to sit on him and bask in the thought that in less than a month he will be going into training and I will be actually riding him at long last!


  1. Aww - I'm glad you posted about Verizon. I was just about to switch to them - now I'm sticking with AT&T (awesome service with them, btw).

    Congrats to your friend - I can't wait to hear stories about her MORGAN!!!! I know the vet check will be just fine :).

    I hope your lesson doesn't get rained out :( and I bet you're so excited to get to training Granite!!

  2. Yep, Verizon has great coverage but I don't think its worth the horrible customer "service". Stick with AT&T.

    Do you read Eva's blog? www.evaehardy.blogspot.com
    She grew up riding a 1/2 Morgan and is now in the process of purchasing a registered Morgan to do combine training with! And of all things we have a new boarder coming to my farm in August with an...Eventing Morgan (from Kansas of all places!)

  3. Thanks for stopping over and visiting my blog and for the kind comments about my posters! Glad you got to sit on your boy bareback. I rode Pie yesterday around our farm bareback. It has been so hot here (not complaining) and I wanted to give him a break from the saddle.

  4. PIE! Like THE Pie, from national velvet :)

  5. 90 degrees? Nice. It's cold and windy here. I'm jealous.

  6. 90 degrees!! Amazing. It's 29 degrees here and its been snowing all morning. Where is the happy medium?

  7. Gem was sweating on the weekend, too! 26C here (78F). He still has quite a bit of winter fuzzies. I can't believe that 3 weeks ago, I was still wearing layers and winter riding boots! Congratulations on sitting on your boy bare-back!